Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trampoline Fun Anyone?

I found an unusual video this morning. I doubt if you'd see a wild fox "playing" on a trampoline very often. The copy of it on YouTube was uploaded about 2 years ago, but I'd never seen it until this morning. He (or she!) looks like it's enjoying that bouncy place very much! lol...

On to other stuff, the cherries that I posted about on Sunday are about half gone now. The birds have found the tree and are having a ball stealing the cherries. My cats seem to enjoy watching the birds in that tree.. They will sit on a table that is near the back fence where the tree is and just watch the birds fly through. Of course, the birds seem to enjoy dive bombing my cats too. My next door neighbor's girlfriend had a good time with a ladder and a huge zip lock bag next to the fence. She's taking a gallon or so of the cherries to her daughter's when she goes for a visit later today. And, yes, I've been picking them too. They're yummy!

Speaking of "dive bombing" birds. Yesterday I was watching my 4 year old grandson blowing bubbles in the front yard and a pair of humming birds actually dive bombed him! I wish I'd had my camera with me because the look on my grandson's face was priceless! I have no clue why the birds did it. I don't think we were near a nest or anything! Maybe they were just trying to communicate to us that it was time to refill the humming bird feeders?

Today is May 7th. That means 9 more days until Mario Lozano finds out how long he gets to stay in prison for killing Kacie Barron.

Kacie's Ride for Hope is on for this year. The ride will be September 13th this year and the flyer is Here. (It's a pdf file, so it may take a moment or two to load.) Kacie's brother Pat has a page up about this year's ride: Kacie's Ride For Hope 2008. The web page says they are gearing up for this year's ride, looking for donations of cash or raffle prizes. Last year's ride enabled Pat and the rest of the supporters to donate $7,525.00 to the El Dorado Women's Center in Kacie's memory! They're hoping to top that amount this year. I hope they do it! They've also added a page of pictures from last year's ride; 2007 Kacie's Ride Photos. I spotted my brother in one of the shots! lol...

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