Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts...

That kitty looks very satisfied with life. It reminds me of my daughter's cat, Snuggles. Now Snuggles is an old cat, kind of scrawny and a little battered looking. My daughter lives across the street from me, but Snuggles has decided that he likes my yard. Almost every time I go outside, to water the lawn, to pull weeds or do anything, Snuggles is lounging about in the shade under the trees or bushes. He'll greet me with a "meow", then just ignore me unless I'm setting the sprinkler too close to his spot. Then he'll go and find another shady spot to lounge in. Thank goodness my two cats, Runt and Squeak don't seem to mind him being here.

This is my Runt. He's about 12 years old or so. He's been with me since he was about 3 weeks old. Some good friends of mine had a "mama" cat that had just had a litter of kittens and they couldn't keep her or the babies. They asked if I'd take them until the kittens were old enough to be weaned and adopted out. I did and thoroughly enjoyed having a room full of kittens running around. We eventually found homes for all the kitties, including the Mom. Runt stayed with me. He was the runt of the litter but grew up to be the biggest one. He's my "buddy". He follows me around the house and yard and talks to me.. He loves hanging about just being "company".

This is Squeak... She's my "auction cat". Back when I lived and worked in Sacramento, I used to go to estate auctions with my Mom and Stepdad. One of the auctions I went to had a lovely print of a kitten up for bid and I went after it, and got it. Then the auctioneer, Gene Paine, decided that since there were cat people in the building that day, he'd "auction" off a cat that had been dumped at the home of one of the workers at the auction. They were kind enough to loan me a carrier, give me a bag of food and some medicine that Squeak needed for her ears. She earned her name because she squeaks instead of meows. She's my "guard cat". If anything threatens me, whether it be a bird, another cat or animal, she's right there hissing and scratching to send them packing.

One of these days I need to take some new pictures of them...

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