Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trial & Crime Watching and Travel

I love traveling, but coming home and trying to catch up on everything that has gone on with the trial and crime watching that I do is sometimes frustrating. Apparently there were a few things happening with the cases that I've been watching during the time I was out and about enjoying the sightseeing and traveling. So, here we go:

  • Mario Lozano; I mentioned in my post last night that I'd gotten an email from VINELink that he'd been moved from the El Dorado County Jail. Well, I still don't have any further information on where he's been taken. I'm still working on it and will post his current location when I find out.
  • Rex Archer; The local paper, The Appeal Democrat had a little blurb in their "Mid-Valley Briefs" section that says the preliminary hearing had been postponed. Here's what the paper said:

Archer hearing postponed

A preliminary hearing for Earnest Rex Archer, a former Yuba County Board of Supervisors candidate charged with child molestation, was postponed Friday until June 12.

Unavailability of witnesses caused the continuation, according to the Yuba County District Attorney's Office.

Archer has repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment on the case and answered an e-mail Friday with a "no comment."

  • Drew Peterson; Drew's lawyer, Joel Brodsky is working hard trying to get the weapons charges stemming from that "too short" automatic weapon that Drew had dismissed. They filed motions yesterday for the dismissal of charges and the state has 14 days to respond. The preliminary hearing for the charges has been set for June 30th. The lawyers are also trying to get the judge to modify Drew's bond so that he can travel outside Illinois while he's out on bond from the weapons charges. Ok.. I have to wonder where Drew is planning on traveling.....

    The Grand Jury heard testimony this week from Stacy's aunt, Candace Aiken and from the 22 year old tanning salon girl, Kimberly Matuska, that Drew has apparently been "wooing". Neither one of them would talk about what they said before the Grand Jury, of course. I can understand them calling the aunt, because she knew both Stacy and Drew before Stacy disappeared and can testify to what she knew of both Stacy and Drew and their relationship. But this 22 year old "girlfriend" of Drew's? What can she testify to? How "sweet" Drew's been to her? Oh.. Yeah.. She did admit that Drew gave her a cell phone and showed it to the investigators. Of course the cell phone has GPS on it, I suppose so Drew can find out where his new girlfriend is whenever he wants. The girl was quoted in one article claiming that "at one point he (Drew) told her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her". Geez... I think this girl has had her 15 minutes of fame now and can go back to her tanning salon.

    Oh yeah, there was also a news item about the investigators taking the bathtub that Kathleen Savio died in. They're saying that it's a "key piece" of evidence. Lets see, Kathleen died in that bathtub more than 4 years ago now I think. I doubt if there is any real evidence left in it. No blood, no DNA or anything else that can be proven to be part of her death. The only thing I can see for speculations sake is that it would be good for demonstrative purposes during a trial for her murder.
  • Cesar Laurean; He's still in Mexico awaiting extradition, but law enforcement have released a lot of court documents relating to the murder of Maria Lauterbach. Go here and check out the list of documents. One news site details some phone calls and such from the Laurean home the day he took off for Mexico. Another one writes about how Cesar was researching things in Mexico before he left. Things like buying property and finding jobs in Mexico. I couldn't find anything in the articles about how the extradition process is going, so we wait.
  • Les hauts de la Garenne; I haven't followed this one in the news, but have been following it with the posts by Donchais on Sprocket's blog, Trials & Tribulations. From what Donchais posted while I was gone, there's been an arrest, more bones and teeth found along with other things in the excavations of the cellars. Kudos to Donchais for providing excellent coverage of the Jersey Abuse scandal.
I'm sure there are more news items that I've missed posting about here (or even reading about!) but I do need to get busy and get my stuff unpacked, clothes into the washer and spend some "quality" time with the 2 felines I share my home with. They are most insistent that I not be out of their sight right now. lol... So, I'll leave you all for now with a funny picture.....

more cat pictures


Sprocket said...

Hey Anakerie! Sorry I haven't dropped in on you for a while. Been pretty crazy at our house what with Mr. Sprocket injuring his arm recently.

Have you looked at the Cameron Brown case? I may go to this trial when it finally kicks off. It's a toss up between that trial and Pellicano, since they will both start about the same time.

Definitely give your fur babies some quality time while you catch up on the latest news.

Anakerie said...

Hi Sprocket! How's Mr. Sprocket doing now? Better, I hope!

I read your post about the Cameron Brown case earlier today. It does sound kind of interesting. I guess I'll have to do a bit of reading up on it! I spent a bit of time today reading up on the Neil Enwhistle case in between the unpacking and the kitty times... I guess it's starting this coming week, I might peek in on it, but doubt if I'll watch gavel to gavel... I'm a bit "spent" right now, I think. lol..

Speaking of furbabies, one of mine is "talking" to me right now. He's in the living room calling me... lol

donchais said...

Hi anakerie!

Thank you for your kind words about my coverage of Haut de la Garenne. The pace of things seems to be picking up and I believe we are going to see folks in high places take a tumble.

The abuse on it's own is horrendous. The politicians and the cover-up is deplorable!

Glad you had a great trip!