Friday, May 23, 2008

More Wind.... Ugh!

Today is Day 3 of north winds. The weatherman said that we wouldn't have as much wind today, it was supposedly going to die down last night. I wish he'd told the wind that it wasn't supposed to blow today! As I look out my window here, the trees are bending and blowing in the wind pretty much the same as they did for the last 2 days. The strange part of it is that the wind is blowing a lot here in the valley, drying out the plants, making people miserable with their allergies and all, but up in the mountains the weather is very different. I got a call from my trucker friend and he reported that it was snowing up in Truckee! Yep! Snow! According to the weather websites some of that snow is actually supposed to stick to the ground.. Weird.

I keep checking the El Dorado County Sheriff's website where they show the inmates, and according to that page, Mario Lozano is still there. I've signed up on another website to receive an email when he is moved or his status changes. I haven't heard from them yet, so apparently Mario is still sitting in the El Dorado County Jail. I would have thought the state would have picked him up by now.

Other trial/crime news has been sort of interesting the last couple of days. Drew Peterson got arrested for a weapons violation, and Stacy is still missing. Phil Spector's date for the 2nd go around of his murder trial has been set for September 29th. And I finally found some "references" to the Rex Archer thing.. Sort of. Apparently there were Federal search warrants served on a local doctor who is running for a political office and the comments section of the local newspaper became quite a debate with Rex airing his dissatisfaction with the local paper and airing some of his legal woes (pertaining to his arrest a while back on child molestation charges.).

Postings here are going to be somewhat sporadic over the next week or so because I'm not going to be as close to my computer as usual. (I wish I had a laptop in addition to the desktop I have! lol) This weekend I'm going to be going back and forth from my house to my daughter's house because I'm "watching" the kids (2 teens and a 4 year old!) while my daughter and her husband "get away" for a couple of days by themselves. Then next week, I am going to be the driver for my Mom and Stepdad on a trip down the coast. But after the trip south, I should have some good photos to post (for those who are interested! lol)

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