Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey! It's Wednesday!

And I should probably apologize for not posting anything yesterday. So I'll do that and then get on to the explanation. I'm sorry for not being on my computer yesterday! Uhm.. Well, I'm not that sorry.

I spent most of the day yesterday hanging around a hospital. Last Thursday, my Mom went in for the usual checkup on her pacemaker and they found that it wasn't working properly anymore so they scheduled her for surgery to replace it yesterday. We had to report to the hospital at 8am yesterday morning, so I had to get out of here well before that in order to get her to the hospital on time. No time for the computer then.

I met my folks at their house about 7:30, and we headed over to Rideout Hospital in Marysville. Mom already had most of the check-in stuff done before we went yesterday, so all she had to do was go up to the cardiac floor and check in at the nurses station. They got her settled in her room and we stayed there for a bit, at least until they started bringing in the needles and stuff to get her hooked up to the IV and the machines. Then my Step-Dad was ready for breakfast (or escaping from the needles!), so we left Mom there and headed back over the river to Yuba City, and the Cook'n'Pot restaurant (Mmm.. Good food!). After breakfast, we went to their doctor's office to pick up a prescription for Mom and then back to the hospital. Once back at the hospital, we settled in for the long wait. The wait before they took her to surgery, the wait while she was in surgery and the wait afterwards while they monitored the new pacemaker to be sure that it was doing the job it was meant for. I wish hospitals had more comfortable seats, both in the rooms and in the waiting areas! Anyway, we finally left the hospital around 5:30 or so and stopped at another restaurant, California Red's (Mmmm.. More good food!) for dinner. Poor Mom was pretty hungry by then. All she'd had all day was a dry turkey sandwich and some carrot sticks after she came out of surgery. By the time I got home last night, the computer (and the blog) was about the furthest thing from my mind. But, I'm back on it this morning....

Fire Stuff
I got a call this morning from a friend of mine. His wife works up in Paradise and he said she told him that the smoke this morning in Paradise was thick enough to cut with a knife. With the changes in the weather over the last couple of days, the smoke is hanging in there again. Bad. I noticed the increase in smokey air last night on my way home from my folk's house. The setting sun was the dark orange-red orb hanging above the coastal range again. I could look straight into it through my windshield as I drove home and it didn't bother my eyes at all.

For fire updates, go to the California Fire News blog. "Bob Blogger" is putting the information up there now. You'll even find a post from me on that blog today! I posted the newest satellite photo of the smoke and fires in California there earlier this morning. Yep! I am officially one of the writers for the California Fire News now! I won't be putting all of the stats up here on my blog anymore. If (and when) Bob Blogger gets called out to the fire lines with his water tender again, I'll be putting the updates from Cal Fire and the National Interagency Fire Center on his blog for him.

Other News
Drew Peterson hit the headlines in the papers again this morning. Drew is under suspicion in the death of wife number 3, Kathleen Salvio and is a suspect in the disappearance of wife number 4, Stacy Peterson. Apparently the investigators have him on tape now. They "recruited" two of his friends a while back. They wore "wires" when they went to "visit" Drew for several months. The friends are also the ones that were in the news recently in articles about that folding gun that Ric Mims mentioned a long while back. The articles in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times are pretty interesting. It's also pretty interesting to see how Joel Brodsky, Drew's so-called attorney and Drew are trying to spin this new story. According to Mr. Brodsky, the whole taping thing never happened and according to both Drew and Brodsky, the only reason this is hitting the news is because those friends, Paula Stark and Len Wawczak are trying to "profit" from Drew's problems. Uhm. Yeah, sure Drew... (Insert rolling eyes icon here. LOL)

To end on a "positive" note, I'm going to put in a plug for the 3rd annual Kacie's Ride For Hope. The ride will be on September 13th and will start in Placerville. They've got a map posted on the website now that shows the route the ride will be going on. If you are at all interested in spending a day in the mountains on a bike (Meaning motorcycle type bike!) check this one out. All proceeds from the ride goes to a really good cause. To quote from the website: "All proceeds generated from ticket sales and raffle prizes, as well as cash donations will be donated for Emergency Services to "The Center for Violence-Free Relationships", formerly "The El Dorado Women's Center"." The website also has a lot of photos posted from last year's ride...

And, for the end of my post for this morning, here's another LOLCat picture... hehe...

more cat pictures

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