Monday, July 14, 2008

Scary Video of Fire

Last night, I found a video on YouTube that is pretty scary. Here's the description of the video from the person who uploaded it to YouTube:
Added: August 20, 2007
On August 13th, 2007, the Cascade Complex wildfires - in Central Idaho - overran a fire camp where several hundred firefighters and support personnel were camped. The fire's arrival was not a surprise, the fire that threatened the camp had been burning with similar intensity in similar fuel types for over 2 weeks before this incident occurred.

For background on the events leading up to this event, read:

This video was shot by Alex Park, and later sent anonymously to

Pretty terrifying, isn't it?

I'm going to be "out and about" today with a friend who is on his way up from Sacramento. So I'm going to miss posting the Cal Fire updates until later on. The sky is actually blue when I look up again today, with a few puffy little clouds. I'm sure the heat will burn the clouds off soon, but to me, that means the weather is improving for the firefighters. Hopefully they will make some more good progress and beat down those last 15 in the state statistics and then go on to reduce the numbers for the statewide number of fires. It's going down too.. 288 last night, and hopefully the next briefing will show a reduction in those numbers as well. They've got over 21,000 people out there fighting these fires. Please send your good thoughts to them and pray that no harm comes to them.

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