Friday, July 25, 2008

Updates ~ Fires and Other Stuff

The California Fire News blog has some good updates on the fire conditions. The good news that I'm seeing is that the state is down to a total of 27 fires now. Bit by bit, the firefighters are gaining ground, especially when you consider that a month ago there were over 2,000 active fires in the state. All we can do is hope that the weather keeps cooperating with them so they can continue containing all the blazes. The blog owner, Bob Blogger, has also been putting some of his own photos up on the entries and one of them for today is pretty impressive. The winds have apparently changed directions again and are sending smoke down in the valley again today. When I step outside, there is a distinct aroma of smoke in the air. Ugh.

Other Stuff
I spoke to my Mom last night, and she's recovering very well from the surgery to have her pacemaker replaced. She says all she is taking for the pain is an occasional aspirin. It won't be long before she's back to 100% the way she's going.

Drew Peterson made the news again yesterday. After his friends let it out about the secret taping of their conversations, Drew and his attorney, Brodsky have been hitting all the news shows for interviews. The funny part is that yesterday morning, while Drew and Brodsky were being interviewed on the Today Show, his friend Len Wawczak was letting another "cat out of the bag". For a while now, there has been a blog where a woman/girl named "Ashley" was posting screen shots of her chats with Drew. In those chats, Drew was proclaiming his "love" for Ashley among other things. For instance, if you were watching Larry King a while back and saw Drew and Brodsky on there, with Drew tugging his ear fairly often, you were seeing Drew "signalling" his "love" to Ashley. Well, Ashley has "come out". Ashley was Drew's friend Len! I am quite sure that the news wasn't pleasant for Drew to hear... lol.. Almost every message board that I visited yesterday had folks laughing like crazy at Drew and his excuses. One of these days the Grand Jury in Will County will finish and hopefully will hand down some indictments against Drew. For his murdered exwife, Kathleen Savio, and for his missing wife, Stacy Peterson.


Sprocket said...

Hey Anakerie! Just wanted to drop by and say HI! That's good news about your mum. Hope to hear that she continues to get better.

Can't wait for the grand jury to come back with something on Drew. He is long overdue for his own special jail cell.

Anakerie said...

Thanks Sprocket! I'll be sure to post updates.. :-)

I'm with you on the Grand Jury.. It seems like they've been looking at this case forever! I swear, from what I've seen of him in the news the last couple days, I think he's losing it.. Fast.