Thursday, July 9, 2009

A "Wow" Photo

Every once in a while you happen across a photo that makes you say "Wow!"... This afternoon, I found one of those. The Wallstreet Journal has a "Pictures of the Day" in their Photo Journal. I've had the pictures of the day in my Google reader for a while now, but this shot of a Sunrise at the Rams Island Light near Portland, Maine made me stop and admire the color and the composition of the shot. Kudos to Robert F. Bukaty from the Associated Press for a gorgeous photo.


I've been avoiding posting on the blog for a bit now. One of the reasons is that there is really nothing "new" with most of the cases I've been watching.

Phil Spector is adjusting to life in the prison he's been assigned to (Corcoran) and his wife has been amazingly silent for the last couple weeks, so there is nothing new there. Especially since any kind of news about the two civil cases just doesn't make it into the main stream media. I keep searching though.. I'm really curious as to how the suit Spector brought against Robert Shapiro will turn out since Phil doesn't want to answer any questions in a deposition.. He just wants Shapiro to simply hand over the money..

Casey Anthony is still in jail waiting for the murder trial, which has been postponed with no definite start date thanks to Casey's new lawyer, Dr. Andrea Lyon. Apparently her teaching schedule is in conflict with the trial date that was orignially scheduled. So, the murder trial is postponed until sometime next year and there will be a status hearing in January. Meanwhile, the prosecution wants to push ahead on the financial fraud charges stemming from Casey's theft of Amy Huizenga's money and checks. During a meeting with all the attornies invovled in the murder trial, the judge requested something in writing from Amy invoking her right to a speedy trial. It'll be interesting to see how Jose Baez will try to squirm out of that..

I'm also watching for news about the murderer of Brianna Denison, James Biela. He's tried twice now to have all the charges against him split into separate cases instead of trying them all in one trial. He's failed at both attempts to have the cases split with the latest attempt having been denied in June. No word yet about when the trial will happen up in Reno.

There are a few other cases that I look for information on, but it's hard to find anything about. I'm not going to list them out until I find some kind of update. The problem right now with watching the news (Both print and televised) is that the majority of what we're seeing is all about Michael Jackson. Apparently we are supposed to hear all the rumors about him, his children, his ex-wives, drugs, illnesses, etc, etc, etc... I'm sorry, but I am tired of hearing all about this stuff. I've enjoyed his music, but I've never been a fan of the man. (shrugging my shoulders)

And so, to close, here's an LOL Cat that I shared on facebook last night:

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Yep, I do feel like I'm in a rut... lol.. How about you?


Blogonaut said...

"I'm really curious as to how the suit Spector brought against Robert Shapiro will turn out since Phil doesn't want to answer any questions in a deposition.. He just wants Shapiro to simply hand over the money."

I can help you with that one.

Phillip Spector dismissed his lawsuit against Robert Shapiro shortly after Shapiro deposed Spector and the case (to my knowledge) has never been refilled.



Anakerie said...

Hmm.. Interesting. I was sure that I had read somewhere that Phil had dropped the original filing, but had reinstated it during trial number 2. From what you're saying, he never refiled it? In other words, Phil's not going after that million dollar retainer anymore?

Liz said...

I think he refiled also Anakerie
From the LA daily news

There was supposed to be a hearing on June 25 - Not easy to find news of same

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Liz! That is the article I remembered reading! Too bad that paper didn't do a followup on the hearing... **sigh**

Anonymous said...

You see you can't believe everything you read. Perhaps you should take time to find the facts out first in future.

Anakerie said...

To Anonymous; Exactly who and what are you referring to? Could you have made that comment any more vague? lol

Anonymous said...

Anakerie: It is quite obvious what I meant if you read the few comments made. You did not take the time to find out the correct information and just went with the first link you could find and believed it. Is that explained so that you can understand now?

Anakerie said...

Hmm... And you have other information that proves what we've been talking about is wrong? Post it.

Enough... If all you want to do is come on to my blog and make veiled comments and criticisms of the content, then be my guest and post all you want. There is a reason I have comment moderation enabled on older posts. This just might be a good example of why I enabled it.