Sunday, July 5, 2009

Please Be Careful Out There....

Last night, after returning from the trip up to Redding my folks dropped me off here at my home and drove to Yuba City to their home. Not long after they left, my daughter (across the street) called me to ask if I'd heard from my folks, her grandparents, to let me know they'd made it home. I hadn't, so my daughter told me that there'd been a very bad accident on the highway between here and Yuba City... I tuned into the scanner and listened and then made my way to the local paper's website and then got on the phone......... (My folks made it home ok!)

Yes. It was a horrific accident as you can see in the photo to the left. A sedan and a van involved in a head-on crash. There were reportedly at least 9 people in the van and 2 people in the sedan. The driver of the sedan is the single (so far) fatality. Amazingly, the 9 people in the van, including an infant were not wearing seat belts.

Please, people. If you're going to be out and about on this holiday weekend, be safe! Use seatbelts and don't drink and drive! Don't be a statistic!

Source: Appeal Democrat

They've identified the young woman who died in this accident... The Sutter County coroner's office reported her name was Lorretta Lynn Deniz, 22, of Yuba City. My condolences go out to the young woman's family and friends.......

Source and more information: Appeal Democrat

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