Sunday, July 26, 2009

Local News: Bank Robbery, Dead Body and More

Our local paper has been "interesting" lately. Just this past week, there's been a bank robbery in Yuba City on Wednesday, a decomposing body found in an apartment in the neighboring town of Linda yesterday, a retrial scheduled for a man accused of sexual assaults on a teenage girl, accidents and more... My main gripe about the local paper is that they will put the initial story up on the website (and I'm assuming what hits the actual newspaper is the same as what is on the website), sometimes with very sketchy information. Sometimes there will be a follow-up article giving you a bit more information, then the story evaporates. **Poof** No more information to be found.

Take the bank robbery for instance. On Wednesday afternoon they had a story titled "Suspects in Bank of America robbery caught". The story evolved over the course of the day on the website, since the initial write-up was "Breaking News" and as they got more information from law enforcement, they added to the story which was printed in the newspaper on Thursday. Then on Friday, they gave us another article titled "Yuba City bank suspects linked to more heists?" that gave us, the readers, a bit more information along with the mug shots of the two men who were arrested. Then late Friday night, they gave us an article meant for Saturday's paper titled "Third bank robbery suspect sought" which gave us very little "new" information other than there apparently was a third guy with the other two sometime before, during or after they robbed the bank. I suppose I should give a brief (if possible) description of this bank robbery so you don't have to go clicking on all 3 links unless you really want to. First of all, I'll give you the booking photos of the two that are in custody so far.

George Saman Emseih

George Saman Emseih, age 20 from Fairfield CA

Aaron Christopher Watts

Aaron Christopher Watts, age 21 from Oakland CA

Ok, so there's the two that are sitting in the Sutter County Jail at the moment. (The jail website says they on a "no bail" hold right now, so I guess they haven't gone before a judge yet. Oh, the perils of committing a crime and getting caught outside the big cities.. No 24/7 judges here!)

So, Wednesday morning, around 10:30am, these guys from out of town robbed one of the local banks. One of the guys is from Oakland and the other is from Fairfield. (My question is why on earth did they drive all the way to Yuba City to rob a bank here? There are a lot of towns/cities between here and where they are from that have banks!) Anyway, they apparently waved a gun around and grabbed the money (The paper hasn't said how much they stole.) and took off, headed west in a black BMW. For some reason, a sheriff's deputy stopped the robbers about 5 miles west of Yuba City, near the town of Sutter. The deputy got one of the guys in custody, but the other one took off. (I'd love to know why the deputy stopped them.. Was it a traffic stop or did he know that these guys were bank robbers? The paper didn't say.) So, the guy who took off kept heading west (Right past the little town I live in! And I didn't hear a thing! No sirens, no helicopter, no nothing! LOL) with the CHP helicopter tracking him and he was captured about 10 miles north of Colusa, the town to the west of where I live. The distance traveled in this "chase" from the bank in Yuba City to where they picked up the second guy was approximately 40 miles, give or take a couple miles. Now the third article, the one that tells us that they are looking for a third guy (A fellow named Cory Jermon Edwards from Fairfield. He's the older of the three, the paper says he's 27. I checked the jail site and the guy isn't in custody yet. At least not here in Sutter County.), gives us just a wee bit more information. Like the fact that the gun that was used was a semi-automatic and that it had been recovered where they arrested robber #2 and that a K-9 unit from Yuba County assisted in finding the gun. (Ok, that would make at least 5 law enforcement agencies involved. Yuba City Police Department, Sutter County Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol, Colusa County Sheriff's Department and Yuba County Sheriff's Department.) This being the weekend, I'm not really expecting to see anything on the paper's website today, but hopefully they'll give more information tomorrow sometime. Or maybe the story will go "**Poof**" like so many others.


I suppose I should say something about the body that has been found in that apartment over in Linda. The paper is reporting that the man found is/was Scott Malmstrom and the comments below the article say that he is/was a sex offender and hadn't been seen in a few days. A search of California's Megan's Law Web site reveals that a man by that name lives at the Beale Star apartments where the body was found. Click HERE to see his listing on the web site. The paper isn't reporting anything about a cause of death yet, the autopsy won't happen until the weekend is over. There is quite a bit of speculation about the cause of death though. Everything from murder to suicide. Hopefully the reporters at the local paper will follow up on this story.

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