Monday, May 18, 2009

Who are America's Heroes?

One of the web sites that I frequent in order to find information about wildfires and other fire service related events had a post that made me stop and think. And remember. I asked the man who wrote the post for permission to post it here for my readers. He was nice enough to grant that permission. Read on, folks... And then stop and think like I did.

"Who are these people we call America's Hero's"?

A Hero is the person who comes to your aid day or night. No matter the circumstances Hero's are always there. They briefly put aside concern for their own safety and focus on the situation at hand. Hero's do not discriminate against age, sex, race or origin, Hero's do not care.

Hero's are forever diligent to your needs, awaiting your call for help. They do so without selfishness or hesitation. They never ask for anything in return and most always hide from recognition they so much deserve. You may know of one of these Hero's for they may live next door, down the street or across town. They are in every city of every state awaiting the cry for help. Some say its their duty, but in fact it is their will. Some may fall to their actions, but do so knowing what can happen, but that doesn't deter a Hero for for they care.

If you should ever be lucky enough to meet one of these Hero's in your lifetime or receive their aid be sure to put your arm around them and tell them your glad their there. For that is all the they desire. Americas Hero's are there for you , me and everyone no matter what and they give so much of their lives to be those Hero's and do everything they can and more. One might ask who are these brave people we call America's Hero's ?

They are Firefighters

This was written by a man who goes by the nickname of Firedude. And here is what he said about what he wrote: Keep in mind I am not a professional writer, but a young lady came to me before I retired and asked if I would write something for her to read at her dad's retirement party. She was sure proud of her firefighter dad let me tell you. It was well received and I wound up printing many copies on parchment paper for framing. Also feel free to use it if you wish. I hurriedly put something together for her with contents she suggested. It also reflects my feelings toward my firefighting family and those who are still out there doing the job day in and day out. Wish I could still be there right along side of you all.......

Many years ago, I was married to a firefighter. I was very proud of what he did and proud of the rest of the fellows at the small fire department he worked with. I think I typed that wrong. I used past tense and should not have. Because I am still very proud of all the men and women who devote their lives to helping other people. I still have family members and friends in the fire service. Firedude mentions the firefighting family and I know what he means. Even though it was many years ago that my ex was a firefighter, and many years as well since I was in the auxiliary that was associated with our small department, I was told emphatically at my ex's memorial service several years ago that I was still part of that family.

Now, think about those people riding around on the fire trucks. Now think of the pictures you've seen on the news of the huge wildfires. The towering flames, the homes being protected, and the ones that burned. Think about those guys with the shovels, the hoses and other equipment out there on the fire lines. I don't know about you, but in my mind, they are heroes. Every single one of them.

Thank you, Firedude... For the reminder.

And thank you to all the heroes out there on the lines every day.

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