Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Cindy & George Anthony

Dear Cindy and George.
I heard you voiced a very bad opinion of "bloggers" on your latest appearance on the Larry King Live show. (Which I refused to watch!) Well, I am a blogger, and I am proud of it. I have my own blog, and I post on another blog that reports on news about fires and disasters. I also post on message boards, which some people call "blogging". From what I've heard, Cindy, you feel that I am a bad person because of my "blogging". You say that bloggers don't know what "unconditional love" is.
I beg to differ with you, Cindy, I am a Mom and a Grandma in addition to being a blogger. And I love my daughters, my sons-in-law, my grandchildren and the rest of my extended family. I do not put conditions on any of my family members in order for them to have my love. If one of my family members managed to get in trouble with the law, I would still love them. But I wouldn't try to cover up their "problem" by lying the way you and George have. There is a difference between "unconditional love" and trying to cover up for them.
Yes, I have written posts on this blog about the Anthony family. And the posts have not been "supportive" because I have reported on what I observed on the television screen and in the news papers that I read online. I have read the documents that have been released and I have watched most of the videos of interviews with investigators and the visits at the jail. There hasn't been a whole lot in all of those news items, documents or videos that warrant a "positive" reaction from me.
From the very start, Cindy, you were not a sympathetic person. When I first heard the news about the disappearance of Caylee, I actually felt sorry for you and George. But, you chose to try to control all of the interviews when you were trying to get Caylee's face on the nation's television screens. And if you weren't trying to control what the news casters were saying, you were playing the "drama queen". How can anyone be sympathetic towards someone who got in everyone's faces when they mentioned your daughter's involvement with the disappearance of your granddaughter during the interviews. How can anyone be sympathetic towards a woman who stood up at a vigil in your front yard and demanded that everyone get off their asses and go out and search for your granddaughter. (Did you ever get off your ass and search for Caylee?) How could anyone be sympathetic towards someone who tells one story to the media one day and an entirely different story the next? How could anyone be sympathetic towards someone who tells the investigators one thing and then switches around and tells the investigators and the media something completely different in the next interview? How could anyone be sympathetic towards a family with a missing child who berates the searchers for that child because they aren't searching in the way that you wanted?
I understand that you wanted to believe that Caylee was alive. Somewhere. And you wanted people to go out searching for a live child. Not a body. But, you have to agree that the "search" for that child was a futile task from day one. Or perhaps I should say, it was a futile search from day 31 because your daughter chose not to tell anyone that Caylee was missing. Your daughter did not report her child missing. You, Cindy, were the one who called the police. 31 days late. You put Caylee's picture on our TV screens. But, we never had a description of the "kidnapper". We never even had an accurate description of when the child went missing! Where the hell was anyone even to start searching?
Yes, I understand that you are grieving for the loss of your beautiful little granddaughter. Yes, I understand that you are worried that your daughter is facing at the very least, life in prison with no parole. But, in my opinion, you are and have been handling the whole ordeal badly. Very badly. And you blame the "bloggers" for your bad image. I'm sorry, Cindy. Your bad image has been earned by you. If there had been more truth from you, George and Lee, perhaps the "bloggers" would have been more sympathetic towards you. If your daughter had spoken more truths, perhaps your granddaughter would have been found much sooner than December 11th.
And now, you want the world to send you money for this "foundation" that you've started. And your first "product" is a bear for first responders to give to children? Are you aware that first responders have been doing that very thing for years? Your grand idea is an old one. I'm sorry, George and Cindy, I will not be sending money to your organization. I also won't be sending money to your friends, the Milsteads with their billboard company or their "extreme" fishing boat. I will be sending my hard earned money to real organizations who have done more for victims that either of you will ever do.
I would rather send my money to Tim Miller and Equusearch.
I would rather send money to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
I would rather send money to Mark Klaas and the Klaas Kids Foundation.
I would rather send money to the Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation.
And I'm sure there are a few other worthwhile organizations that I've missed listing. No, George and Cindy. Don't be expecting any checks from me or my family.
I do have some questions for the pair of you, though. For instance, why on earth are the two of you working so hard to get more media coverage for yourselves and your daughter? Your daughter's defense "team" are trying to get a change of venue for her murder trial because they say that there has been too much information in the media. Why are you trying to get more media coverage? And national media coverage at that! Why are you rushing into this "foundation" thing so fast? You still have a trial to get through! Why on earth do you two think you could advise another family with a missing child when you've handled your own tragedy so horribly? Are you going to have them turn water hoses on people? Are you going to tell them to shake hammers at people? Are you going to tell them to stand up and scream that the media and the public are maggots and parasites? Are you going to tell them to demand that the searchers are only allowed to look for a "live" child? Are you going to advise them to lie to investigators?
My advice to you, George and Cindy, is to shut up, get out of the media and wait for the trial to be over before you try doing something in Caylee's name. Wait until after the trial before you decide whether or not you've learned anything that could possibly help the another family with a missing child. I honestly do not think you've learned anything.... Yet.
Sincerely from a "blogger",
aka: Anakerie

P.S. I could have written much, much more, but I didn't want this blog post to become a book about my opinion of the behavior of the Anthony family in general.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Anakerie. I knew it would be good and that I would agree with every word. I read your blog daily and always enjoy your input on the IS boards. I guess you can tell I'm a fan. I wish I could write half as well as you do.

In a nut shell how can people who have so poor handled a tragedy like this be of any help to other families?


Anakerie said...

Thank you for the compliments, September! :-D I'm not that much of a writer.. Hand me a camera and I can make good photos. Put me behind the wheel of a truck and I can get you from point A to point B safely and in good time.. I've been a lot of things in my life, but I've never pretended to be a writer.. lol, I just type what is in my head, then re-read it and re-type it a few times... lol

Denise said...

Great post Ana !
Well thought out! You should send it to Cindy !
aka denjet

katfish said...

Great Post! I had thoughts of doing the same, but as someone who doesn't have children it would not have been nearly as meaningful. Whether you see it or not my friend, you are a writer! A darn good one!

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Denise and Katfish! :-)

I have an email to Cindy saved in draft form right now.. Just working up my courage to hit "send" on it... lol

bluwaters said...

Excellent post!
Thanks for sharing that with the IS forum posters.

shari said...

Holy Cow, that was fantastic. You really nailed what we all are feeling about this ultimate dysfunctional family. Cindy wants to be looked at with sympathy and yet her "eyes" betray her. She is usually just one gum chew away from raising that hammer at everyone. Scary woman! Great post Anakerie

Anonymous said...

Excellent Anakerie!
ITA with everything you said.
Now I'm thinking of getting a blog of my own so I could vent as well.
I might even want to name it 'evil blogger'.
Love ya darlin,

Kathlb said...

Wonderful letter! You expressed the way we all feel so well. If the Anthony's would listen to you and others, they might back off a bit and help their daughter instead of hurting her chances by constantly putting themselves in the media and creating more trouble for her case. It's like they don't really care about what happens at trial, they just want to get out there and get funds for themselves. They haven't worked in so long, you know they are getting money already. They need to go back to work, keep their heads down and be quiet. I'm sure they won't, and it will go against any shred of hope their daughter's case has.

ritanita said...

Excellent post! I've had a hard time with George and Cindy. It was hard for me to let go of the thought that they are in deep denial.

I just can't understand how they go on and on with the media circus when it is clearly hurting their daughter far more than it is helping.

Anakerie said...

Thank you, everyone.. :-) I sent the link to Cindy last night... Who knows if she'll see it or actually follow the link... **shrug** To be honest, I don't care if she and George read the letter. I doubt if they would even pay attention to what I (and many others in blogs and news articles) have said.

shari said...

Hey Anakerie, I think the bloggers DO get to Cindy and she does pay attention....too much. I think it drives her nuts when people DON"T buy her tall tales. She can't stand that cause she has to always have the last word (it must be a control thing)You have to come around to her side or there's no stopping her...She needs to learn how to control herself and maybe improve her image a bit before the trial.

Anakerie said...

I think you're right, Shari.. The "bloggers" do "get to" Cindy, only I don't think she can see beyond her own idea how things should be. She can't admit that she has done anything wrong, nor can she admit that her daughter isn't the "perfect" mom that she says she is. I got a reply from her this morning.. And I've just posted a response...

spiritwolf46 said...


This was BRILLIANT! You took the thoughts and words from me (and willing to bet from thousands of others) and placed them so well in your letter to these vile people! EXCELLENT job!

THANK YOU a million times over my fellow poster!


a.k.a. Spiritwolf46

Noelle said...

Anakerie, I am sure your intentions are meant for good, but how does dissecting and criticizing Cindy Anthony serve anything worthwhile & good. It seems to me that you are seeking to shame her, to inflict harm and claim righteousness for yourself. Everything you state about her (and her family)are based on media, which is certainly biased, especially Nancy Grace. No jury has convicted Casey, or Cindy for that matter. And how can any of us have any idea of the tragedy this family has endured - not just the loss of little Caylee, but the scrutiny, harassment and violations of their privacy they have endured. This family has been under attack from day one. I see a person, and a family, in crisis doing their best to hold together, and simply reacting to such hostility. If Casey is found guilty, the tragedy will be more so. Cindy deserves nothing less than our hearts be opened up to her and our prayers to lift her up through this unimaginable crisis.

Anakerie said...

Greetings Noelle,
I debated a while about allowing your comment/criticism to be published. I decided to let it go through today and will "reply" to you here.

First of all, did you look at the date on this post? It's over a year old and I've been relatively silent about the Anthony family for quite a while. Were you aware of that? Or did you just go surfing the net looking for blogs that criticize them so you could lecture the bloggers?

I am not seeking to "shame" her or to "inflict harm" upon any of the Anthony family. Nor am I claiming "righteousness" for myself. Perhaps that's what YOU are doing by lecturing me in how I should post on MY OWN BLOG?

My opinions of the Anthony family do not come from Nancy Grace. My opinions of them come from my own observations of their behavior in front of the cameras.

As for the family being "under attack from day one", that is a huge mis-statement. Don't you mean "day thirty-one"? Kudos to you for having sympathy and being able to ignore the bad behavior that Cindy and George have exhibited since "day thirty-one". I see the whole picture though. The bad behavior, the threats with the hammer, the lies they've told... All of it. **Shrug** I'm just waiting for the next act in the Anthony family circus...

Now, Noelle, I suggest you go find a CURRENT blog entry somewhere to criticize. Perhaps you can sit down and write a blog of your own that is supportive of the liars that go by the name of "Anthony". This blog is supportive of TRUTH, therefore not supportive of Casey, Cindy, George or Lee Anthony. I'll be supportive of Caylee and those who fight to bring justice for her.

vintagemoviequeen said...

Anakerie, I JUST ran across your blog. PERFECTLY done. I have to catch up on your blog, but I WILL BE FOLLOWING you, as this is one of the best I've seen yet! Thanks for the honesty and directness the Anthony's deserve.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the appearance of "covering up", my heart goes out to Cindy Anthony. As a mother, I feel such compassion for her. I have probably been guilty of "denial" with both my girls too, but very simply because I was stupid, not because of any ill intentions. It is obvious that Cindy dearly loved her little granddaughter, and this horrible event has taken a terrible toll on her. The desperate things she did during the heated weeks of the search should not condemn her.