Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tiger Meets Toddler?

I was using the "StumbleUpon" tool bar a bit this afternoon and stumbled upon these images. They are in yesterday's images of the day from The Telegraph UK website. Needless to say, the images stopped me in mid click from going on to the next site...
These breathtaking pictures appear to show a little girl seconds away from becoming a hungry tiger's lunch. Little Avery Thompson seems oblivious to the 370lb Royal White Bengal Tiger as he stretches out a massive paw in an attempt to touch her...

...But, despite appearances, the toddler is perfectly safe - she and Almos the tiger are separated by a thick pane of glass. Keen amateur wildlife photographer Dyrk Daniels photographed the encounter at Cougar Mountain Zoo, in Washington
I'd say that photographer was in the right place at just the right moment to catch an unforgettable moment!

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shari said...

This animal behavior is quite interesting. I have noticed at other zoos that animals will almost always pay particular attention to small children...usually under the approximate age of 8. At Sea World, dolphin will usually approach children over even adults with food. And people say animals have no soul HA!!!