Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cindy Anthony Emailed Me

I was actually surprised to find an email from Cindy Anthony in my inbox this morning in response to what I had written to her and George the other day.
To start off, I'll show you all what I wrote to Cindy the evening after I posted the Open Letter to Cindy and George.
I have written you a letter, Cindy...
I am a "blogger" and I am proud of it.
And here is the response from her that was in my inbox this morning:
Good for you. What did you accomplish? Who did you help by sitting on your ass wasting hrs reading trash others have written? Are you overweight? Do you not have real friends? Who did you help today by sitting blogging?
Lets see. How shall I respond? Should I be as snide and nasty as she was? Or should I just be "me" and respond naturally. Hmm.... That's not a tough decision at all. There is no way I could be the same kind of person that Mrs. Cindy Anthony seems to be. I guess I'll take it item by item for my response, and the response will not be via email. It will be here, in the open for everyone to see. I have nothing to hide.
  • Good for you. What did you accomplish?
Hmm... What did I accomplish by what? Writing that letter to you and George? Well, I suppose I vented a bit by telling you and George what I thought. That's always good, venting makes the blood pressure go down, right? As for anything real being accomplished as a result of that letter, I would guess absolutely nothing, because I'm quite sure you didn't truly read what I wrote nor take any of it to heart. What I wrote to you was what I would have told a "real friend" if I saw one of them behaving the way you and George have. (Thank heavens I don't have friends like you and George!)
  • Who did you help by sitting on your ass wasting hrs reading trash others have written?
First of all, Cindy, you need to define the "trash" you think I am reading. If you mean the fire department information that I read every day, I wouldn't consider that "trash". If you mean the news bulletins about earthquakes, I wouldn't consider that "trash" either. (I post information about fires, earthquakes, accidents and other real tragedies on a fire news blog! Remember? I told you that in the open letter! DOH!) If you mean the emails and notices about real missing children, why would those be "trash" to you? Define the "trash" you think I'm reading, and I just might give you an answer to that inane question.
  • Are you overweight?
LOL! And my weight has what to do with what? I guess in your warped imagination, you think all "bloggers" are overweight? Well, you couldn't be more wrong. If you think you got a "one up" on me by asking that question, nope.. You are wrong again. You gave me a pretty good laugh. For your information, I'm not overweight. I am active enough with my gardening, chasing grandkids and other things that I don't have to worry about my weight. As if my weight has anything to do with your behavior! LOL!
  • Do you not have real friends?
Oh my, is that supposed to be another "insult"? You think that "bloggers" have no "real friends"? You are wrong again. I have friends. Real ones. And they are all over the place. Here locally, across the country and even overseas. Try another insult, Cindy. That one didn't work. I'm guessing you didn't read any of my blog at all. If you had, you might have seen mentions of a few of my friends. But then, I don't post their names publicly. They know who they are, and they also know who each other are when they read my blog. I guess you didn't see the mentions of my "trucker friend". Or the friend who knows a lot about computers and helps me out. Bah.. I'm not going to list my friends out for you in this post, but I would hazard a guess that I have more "real friends" than you do, especially now that you've exposed your true nature on national TV for almost a year now.
  • Who did you help today by sitting blogging?
Which day are you referring to? Yesterday, I posted news about a terrible wild fire that has been burning near Santa Barbara, California. It had information about the evacuation zones and contact numbers so that people can call to get information about whether or not their home burned down. The day before that, I posted information about an earthquake. My blog has an Amber Alert ticker on it, so that every single person who lands on my main blog can see if there is a missing child somewhere, I'd say that might help a few people, especially if one person happens to see that ticker and has actually seen that child. For instance, there is that sweet looking little boy in Southern California that was kidnapped right out of his home. I have "real friends" who live in Southern California and they read my blog, do you think they might keep extra alert for that little boy? This morning, I have started a blog post about another event that is coming up later this summer that will benefit an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. That post won't be published until after I get a bit more information from my brother and the brother of the woman the event is named for, Kacie Barron. There have been quite a few posts on my blog about Kacie and Kacie's Ride For Hope, so I am guessing that those posts have been helpful to quite a few people.
Cindy, I think you completely missed the point of my open letter to you and George. And somehow I'm not at all surprised. I don't think you can see beyond your own ego.
And now, I'll leave my readers with something that will make them smile.............
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shari said...

She certainly is a "trash mouth"...what a nasty attitude she has. She has to immediately attack. Wouldn't it have taken more class to NOT RESPOND at all??? Like I said, SHE HAS TO HAVE THE LAST WORD. I can't imagine living in that house. It is apparently "her way or you are attacked" ACHHH!!!! I am sure glad I never had her as a nurse. OMG

shari said...

P.S. Can't you just see her eyes bugging like at the depo, when she was typing out her response to you?

Anonymous said...

Honestly Anakerie that woman is much hate.

I almost (almost) feel sorry for Casey. I can not imagine her childhood. And I can't begin to imagine what Cayley went through being in the middle between Cindy and Casey. Both such sick women.

Thanks for least you tried to give her a clue. Too bad she is incapable of changing.


Anonymous said...

I've almost written to cindy...but I'm glad I didn't waste my time...she is ,,,,,her daughter is,,,,her husband is .....and her a huge waste......


TallyAnna said...

In honor of your thoughtful and well written letter, I am making a donation to TES. So, there you go.
You helped someone in need of help by writing your letter.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cindy is one nasty odious creature all right!

Who did you help Anakerie you ask? Anyone with a missing child or person in their life that the last place they should seek refuge with or help from will be with the Anthony group. That's who you helped! Unless of course one of their family members committed the crime.

You've also helped by directing them to use foundations with CREDIBILITY!

No bear in the mail for you I bet!

Well you can hear the compassion in that email from the OC. You'd think she'd at least give you the "skinny" on what brand of gum and water diet she's on. So much for paying if forward

And what pray tell did Ol, Cin accomplish while pecking out that little diatribe?

Hey Cin if your reading sweetie, that deodorant you were using at your deposition just isn't doing for you honey. Never let them see you sweat. We saw, the WHOLE VIEWING audience saw those nasty old underarm sweat pools. So you take care of that sweat problem and I'll watch my carbs!

Take Care Anakerie and thanks for sharing. Regards, Nef

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anna,
Reading Cindy's words gave me the heebie jeebies. Love your blog!


Kim said...

It has become painfully obvious why Casey is like she is. I hope Cindy keeps on running her mouth. With each word she spits out it helps nail Caseys coffin shut.

Sprocket said...

Why is her behavior of no surprise? Because she is unable to control herself.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this is her "form letter" for "nasty bloggers."

I saw a video of her at the Vigil for Hope this morning. She was putting on her "Good Cindy" face.

It's obvious which one is the "real" Cindy! She is a venemous woman.


Anonymous said...

Way too go Anakerie! Love your writing style, the way your mind works, and all the wonderful things you do.

Cindy is a lost cause. Someone needs to have her committed before her anger overtakes her and she physically goes after or hurts someone. That woman is flat out deranged. She's CRAZY and needs to be put away. What a miserable, MISERABLE woman she is. She's so transparent.

Thanks for providing the world with a such a great blog! Keep up the great work!


cheeky said...

I read your letter, what a great piece of writing. As far as Cindy's response, does Cindy have an anger problem? She is imo not only in deep denial about Casey but she is a very angry woman.

Sedonia Sunset said...

I now have a personal favorite snapshot/screenshot of Cindy at I think it truly captures her essence, and it ain't pretty. It's the one AFTER the one comparing her to Moe of the Three Stooges -- that one is just silly. Warning, the title of it uses the F-word (humorously), but it COMPLETELY fits with the images.

Anakerie said...

Thank you for all the comments and compliments on my writing, folks! Honest, I'm not a writer! lol.. The response from Cindy was a stunner for sure. Especially since I did not really expect anything at all from her. I'm not anticipating anything else from her either. After all, this post has been up for 2 days now and she hasn't sent anything in answer to it. So....

I truly hope that people will research the foundation that Cindy and George have started before they send a check. I haven't checked with any law enforcement agencies, but I have a feeling that they do not accept stuffed animals with advertising on them to give to children in need. I know that the departments I've been familiar with in the past had small stuffed animals, and I don't remember ever seeing any kind of advertisement on them beyond the small manufacturers tags. Anyone out there know someone who's a first responder that can tell us the "rules"?

Anakerie said...

By the way, I'll ask the people I know in the fire service and see what they can tell me about advertising on the bears that Cindy thinks are such a "wonderful first product" for her fundation. (Misspelling intended.)

Sedonia Sunset said...

The bears will have ADVERTISING on them? UNbelievable!

Thank you for sharing all this info with us!

Anakerie said...

Yep, the "Caylee Bear" that Cindy proudly showed off on the Larry King Live show had a t-shirt on that said "Caylee Bear" and had the web address for the so called foundation that George and Cindy have started in Caylee's name. I refuse to put a link to that site anywhere on my blog.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm a 52 yo male and i live in Portugal, really far away from the USA

i come to this blog, following links to read about that criminal, drew peterson, i hope the police don't let him runaway due to misinvestigation, i believe he's the double murderer, 3rd and 4th wives
(what about his 1st and 2nd wives, are they ALIVE???????)

and then i read also about the unfortunate caylee

how can a grandma waits 1 month to give a word about her grandaughter disapearance?

they are both guilty, mom and daughter

jose barata

Anakerie said...

Hi Jose,
Drew Peterson's 1st and 2nd wives are both still alive. They have been staying out of the media though.

I don't know why Cindy waited for a month to try and find her daughter and granddaughter. There is something really strange about the different versions of that month. I am hoping that the prosecutors will be able to put all the pieces together during the murder trial for Casey. There have been way too many lies from that whole family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is my first time to your blog...really enjoyed your letter to the Anthony's...But you lost a few minutes that you will never get back. hehe. They are beyond help. I say let them keep spewing their lies...they are filling the syringes for Casey's lethal injection.IMOO they should be injected along with her. I have 7 grandkids and cannot believe that any human could leave their grandbaby out in the woods for 6 months to rot. They knew for months where her lil body was. And God forgive me...I can not ask Him for Mercy on their souls. Keep up the good work.

Also on the teddy bears they are scented also. That could harm a child with allergies. I pick up new bears and gently used bears for my son who is in LE. He keeps a trunk full for kids.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

"Good for you. What did you accomplish? Who did you help by sitting on your ass wasting hrs reading trash others have written? Are you overweight? Do you not have real friends? Who did you help today by sitting blogging?"

B**ch!!! Who did YOU help today by sitting on your a$$ begging folks for change?? I mean BESIDES YOURSELF AND THAT STANK A$$ DAUGHTER OF YOURS?? Psh, you couldn't even get up off your a$$ to help find your own granddaughter. Instead, you wasted energy barking at others to get off THEIR ass! What's wrong with that picture you dumba$$??

Sorry for the venting ya'll, but i just couldn't let that one slide.

talking2much said...


I wanted to let you know that I recieved a response from this "woman" which was much the same as the one you recieved.

This person is so filled with hate and is so ugly inside I have to wonder what her future holds.

Wouldn't be suprised if she is, somw day accused of murder herself.

Anakerie said...

I know of a few more responses from Cindy that are very similar to the one I received from her... I don't know why I was surprised at what she sent to me.. After all, I watched and listened to her in most of her media appearances since last summer and the real Cindy shines through in all of them. The Cindy we see on Larry King or the Cindy we saw at the memorial and a few other appearances aren't "real". Those faces of Cindy are for display only... I'll wager that the "real" Cindy is more like the one who stood there at the vigil and demanded that the world get off their asses and search for her granddaughter while she sat back and plotted how direct the whole investigation away from her daughter.

Tracey Lynn Justice said...

Thanks for your blog.
What a sad and evil person she is. I guess that's how she copes with the situation that is her life. I pity her.

Anonymous said...

I cant even imagine what she has experienced and continues to battle everyday.

she's only human- for better and perhaps worse.

give the poor woman a break and let it go.

Anakerie said...

Give the "poor woman" a break? For what?

Dear Anonymous, do you realize that this blog post is an old one? I haven't written Cindy another letter since the time that I wrote the original open letter to her and let her know about it and about the response I made to her bitter little note to me.

Any sympathy I felt for Cindy Anthony quickly waned due to her own behavior in front of the media and her behavior with the investigators.

I've already "let it go". Perhaps you should as well. No need to go searching the web for old blog posts that criticize Cindy. Perhaps one of these days I'll post more about Cindy, or Casey. Then again, maybe not. We shall see what happens in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dear grandma cindy, why do you help my killer, why do you not defend your beloved grandbaby. why are wanting my mother who killed me and made me suffer to go free and have more grandbabies to kill and abuse and make suffer and throw into the trash like garbage. grandma cindy, grandpa george please make the mommy from hell go to the devil and burn, please save more kids from her, its your fault grandma that you did not want to watch me anymore or did you want to fight for me because it was too much money in court, you grandma and my killer mommy are the same, selfish no heart, my grandpa tried to kill himself because of her and you lie grandma cindy to protect my killer, please leave me alone until you do the right thing and give me justice for the horrible suffering your daughter gave me, grandma i will forget you for such a horrible lie, please go forward and tell the judge what you know about how casey killed me, i want to rest in peace and grandma you are stopping me from going to my resting place. goodbye to a bad grandma who lied and said she loved me.

Anonymous said...

You should have told Cindy that the only "trash" is her POS daughter and the mom who created her. Hopefully her daughter will be convicted soon and zapped with thousands of volts. This entire family is utterly revolting.

Anonymous said...

Funny that Cindy brings up the word "trash". That is how her daughter treated Caylee.