Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rachelle Spector with a Gun?

Well, I got a message this morning that TMZ doesn't want to publish the photo of Rachelle posing with a gun. Speculation is that they are afraid that it was photoshopped or something. And, in another message I received the photo itself! The sender wants to remain anonymous, and I will honor that. Besides, how would I know who it was anyway? Email addresses, especially web emails, can be pretty much untraceable, especially by a non-expert like myself. lol.. Besides, I am sure that I'm not the only one in possession of this lovely little cameo of Mrs. Spector besides my anonymous sender. Shame on TMZ for not having the courage to post the photo. The post with Phil's hairdo that I wrote about yesterday is well on it's way to being one of the most commented on according to the little box over on the right hand side of their page. 152 comments the last time I looked, and it's in 2nd place. (The first place article has 154 comments, so I expect the Phil's "do" article to take over first place sometime today.)

So, here's the picture that was sent to me. The only thing I've done to it for posting is to increase the size of it. But, I have done a little manipulation of it (without saving, of course) to enhance the background stuff so I could look at what's behind Rachelle and her gun. It looks to me like it was taken in some sort of sporting goods store. There is a fellow in the upper left hand corner who looks like a salesperson (he's got what looks like a name tag on his chest). Then there are shelves (?) with merchandise displayed on the right of Rachelle. Then there is that bar thing that she is resting her left hand on. Not being a sporting goods type person myself, I have no clue what the thing is. I also have no clue what kind of gun she's posing with. Is it a real gun or a paintball gun or what?

Even if it isn't a real gun, I think Rachelle is showing her disreguard for her "loving hubby" by showing off with a gun while he is on trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. A murder committed with a gun! Are there any folks reading my blog that can tell if a picture has been "photo-shopped"? The thing looks pretty authentic to me, but then I'm not an expert. lol..

Rachelle has changed her MySpace picture again today. It's now a picture of a little black dog. And she's removed the comment that was moaning about the "next 3 weeks". I guess she thinks that will fix everything, huh?

I called TMZ this morning to ask about whether or not they were going to post the gun picture. The fellow I spoke to told me that it was "still under consideration". I told him that I was a blogger and that someone had sent me the picture but that I was waiting until they posted it before I put a post up about it. He told me to go ahead and post, since the "powers that be" for TMZ hadn't made a decision yet. And he said "They snooze, they lose".. lol..

So, here are the pics, both the gun picture and Rachelle's current MySpace pic. I'll be back later with an update if I learn anything new about Rachelle's latest airhead stunts.

Update... Just a little one...

I posted another comment on the TMZ website and it was removed a few minutes later.. lol.. I have no clue why they removed it.. Here's what I said:
I'm the one who posted the picture of Rachelle with the gun on my blog.... The pic was sent to me with a request to keep the sender's name out of it. As I posted in my blog, I intend to keep the sender's name out of it. I did call TMZ before I finally decided to post the pic along with a few comments of my own... The fellow I talked to told me that the picture of Rachelle was "still under consideration" for posting here. I told him that I was waiting to see what they were going to do before I posted it on my blog... He told me to "go for it" and post the pic... So... I did! It's there, on my blog, in all it's glory...

Rachelle, if you're reading here, you did an incredibly dumb thing by posting that where anyone could see it... Don't you KNOW by now that nothing on MySpace is truly private? I think maybe you should go crawling on your hands and knees to beg forgiveness from your meal ticket, Phil...
I added a link at the bottom to my blog... Maybe that's why they removed the comment? LOL.. Oh well...


mControl said...

Yay Anakarie.... braver than TMZ! Rock it woman!!

Anakerie said...

LOL! I was very curious about the pic when I first read of it... I'm soooo glad that someone sent it to me...

I don't know why TMZ was so slow to post it... It's no worse than some of the other pics they post of celebs doing dumb stuff!

Anonymous said...

She went to a gun show with someone, not Phil.
Now, I know this because I am able to read about those things. :)

iwishiwas said...

It was a surely a gun show. Although her myspace is private, her banner is visible and she changed it almost daily. One day she bannered that she was going to a gun show. And her headline also had comments refering shooting, "bang", guns, etc. At one point the wallpaper behind the pic you have was a full blown shot of her in the firing stance - feet apart, arms extended straight ahead, both hands on the gun, like she was sighting a target. Too bad I didn't think to screen capture it too, I would have forwarded it to everyone. Anyway, thanks for posting the picture and reporting her. You and Sprocket and MB and all the other regulars are the best. Truly women of substance and character. I'm a fan.

Anakerie said...

Gun show or whatever. I still say posting a picture of herself holding a gun wasn't exactly a smart thing to do. Or to put it more bluntly, it was a dumb thing to do, especially when her husband is on trial for shooting someone!

Anakerie said...

And thank you for the compliment, iwishiwas... :-)

Sprocket said...

Hi Anakerie,

I made the decision not to publish for several reasons, the first being that I could not authenticate the photo.

Several hours were spent on the internet trying to find a photo of a similar gun, (to identify make and model) but the individual who searched for T&T was unsuccessful.

It is my guess that the item in the woman's hand might be something associated with a video game, or at a game arcade.

It's unfortunate that more of the background is not visible in the photo because it could possibly add context and clear up the unanswered questions about the image.

Ferguson said...

Now that I am in the company of such bright, beautiful women (excluding Anonymous-no idea if that's a she).

First off I tried as hard as I can through my good friend, J.B. who submitted the photo to TMZ. He, like mamy of us DID see this on her Myspace with our own eyes..

A gun is a gun is a gun..and the principle of this thing is what irks me.

Rachelle Spector has no business showing off a gun-I don't care if it's a toy, a simulation of a gun, a paint ball gun, a bb-gun, the point is: her husband is on trial for shooting Ms. Clarkson with a gun.

If Rachelle Spector wants to play the role of supportive wife--she needs to throw in the towel because--fine actress--she is not.

It infuriates me that red tape is prohibiting people from showing this-we ALL know it's Rachelle.

Now moving past this...I'd like to ask everyone here, including MB and Sprocket: what do YOU feel is her motivation for doing such a thing?

Is it that she's just dumb as rocks, because I'm not completely sold on that. Is it that she wanted to get a rise out of Spector? He can't be pleased with this bullshit.

Is it something Spector approved of so later he can point to it and say "Here-this is another crazy thing she did to hurt me"--for a future divorce proceeding?

IMO Spector's out of his noggin
for keeping her around at this point!

Anakerie said...

Hello folks... I just wanted to report a bit of information that I had been trying to get a hold of since yesterday.

I've spoken to a couple of "gun experts" and both of them believe that gun is real. Not a toy or a paintball gun. They had differing opinions on what gun it is, but both say that it is real. One believes it to be a Desert Eagle, made by Magnum Research and the other believes it to be one of 3 different guns (Glock, Springfield or Walther).

They both also explained the "open" look of the gun behind her hand. They said that at gun shows and the like, the sellers will "lock" the guns open by pulling back the receiver and locking it there with a zip tie so that there would be no chance of loading the gun or firing it.

Mort Snerd said...

Hi all,
The gun Rachelle is holding is a Glock Model 19C 9MM gun. This is a slightly smaller version of the gun (model 17) used by most police departments. If you examine the picture in PhotoShop, you can see the compensator ports on the barrel. In addition, the small bump on the bottom front of the trigger guard is a Glock signature piece and is there for safety reasons which Rachelle is not using as that is where you are suppose to keep your trigger finger when not actually firing the gun. Walking, talking ad for stupid.


Sprocket said...

Thank you Mort Snerd for clearing this up for us on identifying the weapon.

As for the motivation behind the photo, I wouldn't even hazard a guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mort,

I was trying to get a hold of you the other day---because I knew you would know...

This defies stupid.
Sprocket, I feel there is a definite motivation of some kind here..I just wish I had more information.

She better be glad there is no more Court TV-because she won't have to give another fake interview in which she professes love for her husband.

~Corrina said...

IwishIwas: I agree with your statements. Just one thing--we're leaving out someone who's fearless and tireless! Fergy! Yay Fergy!
He has been working so hard to get this story out so let's not forget his efforts!

Cnigt said...

It's hard to tell what that gun is from that picture. It may be a SIG P226. Glock isn't the only one who has the bump on the trigger guard, almost all SIGs do, as well as a few Walthers.

Whatever it is, as you said, it wasn't the brightest idea for her to post that photo.

iwishiwas said...

I gave Ferg props directly, but yes, he's the man.

Marc said...

And what am I, babe? Chopped nutsacks?

I can see why TMZ mighta questioned how valid this photo is. I mean look at Rawhell.
Her table-top titties instantly grew give feet in this shot.

Yeah right, that's her cleaves!

Slobbery smooch,

iwishiwas said...

OMG. Ok, and you too Marc. feel better now? (didn't know how sensitive the boys can be) ;)
I thought that was drool not tears.

Well, anyway. For serious, RS is a spineless wuss anyway. She took her picture down because she was afraid!! If she was all that, she would have left it up and not cared what we said!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen what her page has been changed to?

I thought she said she no longer was a "model." This is such a wannabe model shot it isn't even funny. (Her pose sucks). She's showing off stick legs with no tone, and Marc would say she has no boobs. And Phil is nowhere in the pic-I assume because he's not that stupid. And this "xoxo" stuff
just makes her look cheap. Is she on the prowl for a new man, I wonder?

Marc said...

Hey Fergmeister check out her fake ass tits today damn how nastee can that get? Not every broad with a big rack is gonna make me wanna dive in nose first. This nastee woman would get kicked of my bed for simply thinking of eating them saltines!
Warm fuzzies to everyone except Rawhell,

Anonymous said...

You people have no life to sit around and debate on something so stupid. I couldn't believe when I saw this how many loosers were so interestd in this crap when there are more trying issues in the world than Rachelle Spector. That's ashame that RS can't even go to a freakn gunshow or have a myspace page without it being analyzed. You idiots showed try another hobby than making fun of other people and trying to bring them down.

~Corrina said...

Hey "Anonymous":

No one will have to analyze Rachelle Spector's lame webpage anymore-at least for the moment it's been taken down.

The issue of Rachelle going to a gun show & putting up a photo of her smiling with a gun while her hubby is on trial for his life-
that's kind of serious, and I'm sorry if we hurt your feeeeeeelings but that's the way life goes.

By the way Anon, your writing seems oh so familiar. Didn't Michelle say that Rachelle has had a bad habit of spelling LOSE incorrectly! How incredibly curious-so do you. You spelled the word "LOOSERS" when it's "LOSERS",
couldn't remember the E in interested and wrote "showed"
instead of "should."
So we're the idiots and YOU can't even spell right? Go figure. ~Corrina

Anakerie said...

Dear Anonymous, Pardon me, but I do have a life. Probably more of a life than you have.

A photo of Rachelle Spector showing off a gun is something worth reporting on, especially since her "husband" is on trial for shooting someone with a gun. As for her MySpace page, most of what she had there was comical at the least.

Now, I'll echo corrina about your "spelling" errors... It should be LOSERS, not "loosers"... And yep, "showed" sure didn't make any sense at all. You might want to try doing a little reading at

Marc said...

Hey Anon-a-PUSSY!

You say: "You people have no life to sit around and debate on something so stupid."

You obviously have no life 'cause you took the time to comment about Rawhell too!

Unless YOU are Rawhell.
What a pussy.
Wah wah, cry me a river.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know I was dealing with an english professor! I guess when your entire life is based around blogging on the internet and reading about other peoples lives you might have a keen eye for little mistakes! Seeing as how you like to post other peoples mistakes all over the internet. I don't think you would like if it were you. I can't believe these pathetic idiots can put her down on the way she looks when over half of the world would kill to look like her! I notice poster Marc misused a word in his post and you didn't jump down his throat, i guess it's because hes on your side. So it must be OK.

Marc said...

No one jumped on my ass because unlike YOU they actually LIKE me!

If we're so pathetic for blogging WTF are you doing here reading,

Fuck you very much,

Anakerie said...

Good grief... Enough of the garbage tossing here. My blog isn't here for that. This is my blog and I make the rules. #1 rule is that I get to delete comments. Which just might be happening soon. Got it?

If Rachelle and her little friends (read this, anonymous!) want to play stupid little games, they can set up their own blog and play all day. Or maybe that is what happened to Rachelle's MySpace page, it was her play place until her stupidity with the gun was exposed. Did Phil make you take your stupid page down, Rachelle?

And, a word for the anonymous "looser/loser"... Perhaps you should educate yourself a bit. Try reading.. It does help the vocabulary.

Anakerie said...

Oh yeah.. I forgot to say something. As for anonymous's comment about "half the world would kill to look like" Rachelle. Speak for yourself, dear. There is no way in hell I would want to look as cheap and tawdry as her. I may not be a "looker", but I prefer my plain looks over the phony front that Rachelle shows off.

Remember, Anon... I have control over this blog. Watch what you post the next time.

~Corrina said...

Half of the world would kill to look like WHAT?

A woman who is so insecure with her own natural beauty that she must BUY fake teeth and a fake chest and not even use her natural hair color.

She looks like Anita Talbert twenty years younger.
(That's not a compliment).

But her PERSONALITY is what makes her so ugly even beyond her fake looks. She is cruel to others, she is incredibly narcissistic, selfish and could care less for her own "husband." Plus, her IQ leaves a lot to be desired and she has no talent.


Anonymous said...

I don't know her and I have no idea why she is called Rawhell. That is very direspectul. I have daughter and her name is Rachelle so I think it is a pretty name. I was on maternity leave during the first trial and became very intereted in this, as for blogging not really my thing, but a friend of mine is and found this and sent it to me. I felt so bad for Rachelle because her life is being torn down just for standing by her man. What she does in her life isn't much different than anyone elses. My father in law is into guns, does that make him a bad person? Rachelle isn't a famous person but she has it like Britney Spears, everything is put under a microscope and your made out to be a bad person. Well look whos showing everyone now! I see the photo of him down below. You all are making fun of this poor guy too. Whats wrong with him or how he looks? NOTHING! I'm sure your fathers and grandfathers aren't too sexy either! I don't care who on here likes me or doesn't I guess your not welcome here unless you are a spector basher. And to whos blog this is, if you want to remove my posts becasue you think they are inappropriate thats on becaue I am defending your victims but you have other on here using the word pussy and tatas and fuck. and im the bad one?

Anonymous said...

If you don't know Rachelle, then what's the big mystery with your name? Why the need to hide?

This is America-we all have our rights to our own opinions and to sound off about celebrities. If you become a celebrity, or celebrity by proxy (which RS is), you give up a lot of rights which we have. Paparrazi chase you down. Your moves are under microscopes. No it's not fair, but RS wanted this lifestyle. And RS lives a lavish lifestyle while veterans are starving on the streets. That's not fair either-but that's our America, love it or hate it.

If you are so offended by Marc, then why keep coming here and getting more riled up? Marc is crass and loud and cusses, but that's just Marc.

Rachelle is a nice name in itself. But in this case, the person who has the name exhibits behavior we find abhorrent. She is no kind of role model to anyone including your daughter.

What behavior of RS's deserves rewarding? How has she shown she "stands by her man"? She does stupid things that make PS look bad. Did you know she threatened Judge Fidler life? Did you watch the TV interview Rachelle gave in which she had to read off cue cards about her devotion to her "man"? Did you know she humped Spector's leg (disrespectfully) after the mistrial? (Did he look pleased or wanting to be a part of this? No.)

How about her whining and foot stomping when poor PS doesn't give her what she wants materialistically? or how she has driven his female friends away because she's so insecure? All of these things, including names of these women friends are on MB's site.

As for guns-I'm with you-there's nothing wrong with owning a gun, but when your husband is on trial for MURDERING SOMEONE WITH A GUN it's probably not a great idea to
post a photo of yourself smiling while holding a gun. This was totally inappropriate timing on her part and again made PS look bad.

If you truly have empathy for PS you would realize she clearly does not have his best interests at heart. I suggest reading Ms. Blaine's blog-you don't know RS, but she did! You don't know Spector but she does and did. And the hideous things RS
says about her hubby including how gross it would be to have sex with him--would make your job draw. But it's the truth.

If you read some more you'd realize I'm not big on bashing PS and have tried to understand his position many a time & have come under fire sometimes for it.

You should look at all the facts before you so vehemently stick up for a woman who really isn't standing by her man at all-just by his money.


Anakerie said...

To Anonymous: I don't care if you or any other visitors to my blog are Spector supporters or a Spector "bashers" (Your words.) If visitors can come on here and leave comments about their feelings for a post, it's fine by me. It's when someone comes on and starts in on something like the post above that got pissy about someone being an "English Professor" or something that I start looking seriously at who is posting and what is being posted.

Yes, some of the posts above had cussing in them. The only problem I have with the cussing is when the cussing starts in the first line of a post. Those show up in the "Recent Comments" box over on the right side of my page. That is what I don't need since my family also read here. Get it? **shrug** I can cuss pretty good myself. I learned a lot of "new" words like that back when I drove 18 wheelers back and forth across country.

As for the rest of your complaints, I think John's post just above this one answers a lot of your concerns very nicely. (Thank you, John.) Please feel free to defend anyone I've posted about. Celebrity or not. If they have pictures or articles posted about them, I have a right to post my own opinion about them. Don't you think? As for Rachelle's method of "defending her man", well, I'm just not going to say what I feel about her methods any more. I pretty much expressed my opinion in the post that these comments are attached to. It's all water over the bridge anyway, since for some "strange reason" Rachelle's MySpace page where she posted the gun picture and some of the other stuff is gone. Removed. Deleted. Whatever.

David D. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angela T. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spector Did It said...

Angela, long time no hear hon!

I would just like to add: I think Michelle Blaine is beautiful, smart and put up with so much of Phil's bull for such a long time!! OMG the hell he put her through.
Let's not forget Phil proposed to HER first, not Rachelle!

I really enjoy Sprocket's writings. I have no idea what she looks like but I frankly could care less. Do you see Sprocket making her looks a huge focal point in her daily writings?
Like Angela said, at least Sprocket isn't making herself out to be a wannabe model or anything like Chelle is desperately aiming for! And if she's not getting paid for her court reporting, who are we to judge what she does with her time?

As for Michelle's kids, I happen to think Michelle's daughter is super talented and pretty. And Michelle's hubby in my opinion is smokin'! Good for him for continuing to chase his dreams. And so what if he doesn't have a six pack? Neither does Phil Spector. :) As for Marc-you can try to down him all you want-I will still heart him & his attitude. :)


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...
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katfish said...

My take on this whole thing is that those who "bash" the "Spectors" do so out of frustration with the fact that Phil Spector is trying to use his pilfered money to buy his way out of murdering a beautiful young woman.(((IMO the Wall of Sound is his only talent, that and to steal from talented performers)))
Three Quarters of Los Angeles seems to have fake teeth and boobs. One problem I do have with Rachelle is when she hires people to write on blogs in support of her, because when she does it for herself we recognize her by her poor writing style. Rachelle, someday you will be 40 and it won't seem nearly so old.
Who else besides Rachelle and Sprocket are attending the trial each day? Not many, although many want to hear about the trial in hopes that justice is served this time around.
Sprocket's blogging must be worthy or she wouldn't have the readership that she does,and for the record the only bashing she does is commenting on clothing choices and really it's not even bashing just commenting. I consider her my friend and a true class act! Spector isn't Sprocket's first or her last trial coverage, unless she chooses it to be.
I have respect for Michelle Blaine as well, she has a great writing style,lovely children and a husband who is crazy about her. I really hope Rachelle can be as blessed someday in her life.
As for marc, he's a big boy and doesn't care what you say about him. Frankly, IMO, when he calls Rachelle Rawhell he's cleaning it up, trust me it could be much worse. He obviously has his reasons for feeling the way he does about Rachelle, perhaps Rachelle should ask herself what is it about her that draws the wrath of so many.
Have a Merry Christmas!

~Corrina said...

Um, "Melissa,"

The Prosecution respects Michelle Blaine enough to acquire evidence from her. That says a lot about her integrity. As for her working relationship with Phil, again there are two sides to every story. And prae tell how do YOU know about Michelle having vagina surgery because she's too "loose"? Where's your "proof" on that? (LOL!) And who the hell is Nori Takei? You just throw a name out there and make it sound mysterious and negative without any "info."

And if Angela or anyone else here wants to comment on the Spector's non existent sex life, we have every right considering Michelle (whom again-Phil had asked FIRST to be his wife) had conversations with you, err Rachelle in which she/you stated that she/you never had sex because of the gross out factor.

Who are we going to believe? Someone who worked with Spector, someone whom Spector trusted enough to be around for nearly 7 years or some person who comes from nowhere attempting to convince and convert us?

Oh, and here's a fruitcake for you!
Merry Christmas! (Kat-great post!)


Anakerie said...

Hmm... It's beginning to look like I'm going to have to enable moderation of the comments on my blog. I didn't really want to do that because I believe in "free speech". However these attacks on everyone are getting out of control.

Phil Spector is on trial for murdering Lana Clarkson. Rachelle Spector is his wife and has sought out publicity so she can "support her man". (Like playing with guns is showing "support"? GMAB! Michelle Blaine hasn't sought publicity. Nor has Sprocket. Why attack them?

So, chill with the attacks or I will enable moderation on this blog and the attacking comments will never see the light of day.

Julia aka Wasapi said...

First of all, anyone who knows me is aware that it is out of character for me to get involved in mud-slinging posts, but enough is enough. Some people I care about are being maligned, so it is time to speak up. And for the record, my name is Julia. That is J-U-L-I-A. (My last name is Bannister).

For starters, I have nothing but respect for Marc. He is a great example of 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get'. He has no pretense and no phoniness. He speaks his mind for all the honest world to see.

Sprocket donates her time to fulfill a service many of us long for. Those of us unable to attend a trial we are interested in are updated daily. Yes, she is a layman, not a reporter, which makes her updates even more interesting. She also takes the time to educate us about legal matters as she herself is learning. Her blog is invaluable.

MB? It is interesting that I have spoken to dozens of people who know her, and she is well respected. The attempts to slander her are simply mean-spirited and reek of - jealousy.

The comments about a person's appearance is simply silly and childish. However, for the record, if "half of the world" wishes they looked like Rachelle, then I know which half I belong. There is something about being mature and comfortable in your own skin that makes it unnecessary to pose for the camera and declare yourself "a model" when there is no proof that you ever have been.

How about the discussion of Phil Spector's trial returning? That is what brought me to this site to begin with. Adults should be able to agree to disagree. I believe that there was a horrible accident the night Lana died. I don't believe Spector's intent was to kill her. But the sad fact is that - intent or not - Lana is dead, and I believe she died by his hand, his gun.

Michael the photographer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anakerie said...

Ok, I just deleted the comment from someone named "Michael the Photographer". Apparently he didn't bother to read the previous post of mine.

You idiots have forced me to enable moderation of comments on this blog. From now on the ONLY posts that will show are the ones approved by ME.


Exposed 7.62x39 said...

Your "gun experts" and the guy that says its a glock. Are both idiots. That is a %100 Sig Sauer P series pistol. I cant tell if its a p226, p229, or p220 which is chambered only in the .45 automatic colt pistol round. But that is a Sig for sure. The way the trigger guard slants at the bottom is a Sig trademark (with some walters having them also) not the glock. More importantly though, it is the DA/SA action on the pistol and barrel size which give it away. Not to mention the complexity of the slide design. Glocks have very simple slides. You can see its a DA/SA pistol by looking at the back of the slide where it is cut open. that opening is where the hammer drops. Glocks, Springfield XDs (because that is no 1911 springfields other model is the XD) and Walter p99 are all DAO pistols. DAO pistols do not have hammers so the back of the slides are all closed and that one she has there is open on the back of the slide. The Walter p22 is a DA/SA pistol and new Walters do have that slant on the bottom of the trigger gaurd, However, the .22 caliber barrel is about half the size of the one in that picture. So, by process of elimination, THAT GUN IS A SIG!!!! Man, if your experts dont know or cant see those things I just pointed out, they need to re-evaluate their "expert" status.

Exposed 7.62x39 said...

.......Wait, a desert eagle? LOL, IMI Desert Eagles and IMI Jericho Baby Eagles dont even have rails!!!!!! That gun clearly has a rail, not to mention the 1000 other details that eliminate it from being and IMI product. Man, if the people you call experts are experts, what does that make me? Not trying to talk shit to you, but Im very passionate about fire arms and my second amendment so I dont like it when people talk about guns like they know when they really dont. About Rachelle, what she does on her spare time as her hobby has nothing to do with Phil Spector. Is what she has done bright? Probably not, but if we crucified all people that do stupid shit we could be talking about 90% of the world as we speak and I just dont have that kind of energy so........If she does what she does, its on her and I dont really care. I just wanted to clear up the gun thing. ;)

Anakerie said...

Hi Exposed. Thank you for your info on the gun. The two people I called probably wouldn't be called experts in reality. What I did was call 2 gun shops in my area and had them look at the photo here on the blog. lol, I'm guessing that they didn't enlarge the photo much to look at it, but simply looked at what was on the page and made guesses. **shrug**

Anonymous said...

Exposed, I politely disagree with you-what RS does in her spare time DOES have something to do with Phil Spector. When people think of PHIL SPECTOR these days, they don't think of Wall of Sound Producer or "Musical Genius," nine times out of ten they think of a murderer with a gun. So yeah, what she does affects his image and does reflect on him.
Thank you though for clearing things up in regards to the gun type.

Anakerie said...

I don't know why this particular post has attracted so much attention in the past few days. The post is OLD, people! Csn't you read the date on the post? Why on earth are people just NOW finding this post and sending insulting comments to me about it? If you want to insult someone, try emailing Rachelle. After all, it was HER photo posing with a GUN that started things.

I personally don't care if this post or her photo offends her or her husband's groupies. If she had any brains at all, she would never had someone take a photo of her with a gun DURING HER HUSBAND'S MURDER TRIAL.

To all the anonymous commenters who object to this post or any other post I have on this blog. Don't bother trying to insult me or anyone else on this blog in an idiotic comment such as the ones I deleted today. The comment moderation has been enabled for quite a while now and it will stay that way for a while longer. If the garbage keeps coming in, the next thing that will happen is that the ability to post anonymously will be GONE.. Got it?