Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've posted an announcement over on the right hand side of my blog about Comments and I'm going to repost the announcement here for all to see.
Unfortunately, I have had to enable the moderation of the comments on this blog due to some particularly nasty folks who want to spread their venom around. I apologize to all the nice folks who visit here and leave their thoughts. Hopefully the moderation of the comments won't have to last very long.
Personally I had hoped never to have to moderate the comments on this blog. I believe in free speech, but I don't believe in personal attacks on folks. Especially personal attacks on people that were not in the original posts. So, for the nasty folks who have forced me to enable the moderation; too bad, so sad, your nastiness will not be seen by anyone but me. For the nice folks who have participated with comments on my blog entries, I am sorry that I've had to do this. I hope that the person directing her friends here to spread their venom will get bored with it or will go elsewhere to spread the poison. I hope that one day soon, I can open the comments up again for all.

By the way, the post that has generated the venom from these idiots will stand, as is. It will not be removed. It will not be modified. It will not be rewritten to favor anyone. The comments will be reviewed before being posted for all to see. Venom will be denied.


Anonymous said...

So sad that "supposed" adults act so childish!


Ferguson said...

I can add to Donchais' point that it reminds me of grade school. One jerk in the class acts up and the rest of us get penalized for it. Now everything has to go through a process whereas before it was instantaneous.
Thanks, Rachelle.