Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Phil Spector "Do" has posted a photo of Phil Spector that shows off his "new hair-do" and the comment section for the post is a must read if you're at all interested in what happens to the "Wall of Sound" man. Aside from the photo of Phil, the comment section is full of people making remarks about how they thought he looked like Barry Manilow, among other people. Personally, if I were Barry Manilow, I'd be horrified that people think I looked like Phil Spector! Spector is on trial again for the murder of Lana Clarkson after having a hung jury on the first go-around last year.

The other things noteworthy in the comments section are quite a few mentions of Phil's "wife", Rachelle and a photo that she had posted on her MySpace page a few days ago. I haven't seen the picture yet, but I'm hoping that TMZ will publish it so the world can see what an airhead she is. Would you believe she actually posted a picture of herself posing with a gun in her hand? Her husband is on trial for murder. He's been known to wave guns in people's faces many times over the years and after Lana Clarkson was shot and killed in his home, or "castle", why on earth would his wife post a photo of herself waving a gun around? I have a question. Maybe someone can answer it. We know from the first trial that all of Phil's guns were taken away by the police and I would guess that it would be a term of his bail that he have no guns in his home while he is out on bail. If he happens to have "acquired" another gun and has it in his home, or even if his "wife" Rachelle has a gun in that home, would that violate the terms of his bail?

Now, another little thing occurred to me after trying to look at her MySpace page. (It's been set to private, so the only thing you can see is her picture of the day and a comment.) No, in the picture I'm seeing today, she's not holding a gun, but the comment she has up today is odd.
"Rock N Rosh is dreading this next three weeks...pure live torture!"
I'm trying to figure out what is so horrible about the next 3 weeks. Is she dreading sitting in the courtroom behind her "dear hubby"? Or is she thinking that this retrial is only going to last for three more weeks? There has been a lot of conjecture about the marriage between Phil and Rachelle Spector. Things like most everyone is guessing that the "marriage" is a "job" for Rachelle. All spelled out in a contract that she gets all kinds of money, cars, jewelry, clothes and the like just for pretending that she "loves" Phil so that he looks "good" in the eyes of the jury. Perhaps her "contract" only has 3 more weeks left? She won't be getting more money from Phil? Who knows...

Another thought occurred to me earlier today and I posted it in the comments on the TMZ site. Maybe Rachelle wants out of that contract. She posted that picture of her posing with that gun and she's hoping that someone in authority will have seen it and Phil will go to jail and then she won't have to play "dear wife" sitting there in that courtroom. I wonder if there is an "escape clause" in that supposed contract saying that she doesn't have to play at being a wife if he goes to jail, maybe with a nice bonus at the end of the contract. I know, it's just my imagination running wild, but with the Spector case, who knows.

Go check out the comments at TMZ and we can all hope that someone will post that picture of Rachelle with a gun somewhere so that the world can see. Maybe if enough people post saying they are interested in seeing that picture of Rachelle with a gun, they'll do it! Go read and POST!

If you want to see what has been happening in the courtroom during this retrial, go to Trials and Tribulations. Sprocket has been attending the trial every day and then posts her observations.

Speaking of Sprocket, Steven Mikulan at LA Weekly did a really nice write-up about what Sprocket has been doing. "Spector Retrial Has It's Diarist" Way to go Sprocket! At this point, you're the only one that has been faithfully following and writing about the retrial and someone has recognized it and published it!


katfish said...

I had the same thought about the bail issue, Although I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a few around the "castle".
My thought on the next 3 weeks being pure live torture is that 'Chelle doesn't like the Holiday Season. Phil likes to entertain at Christmas...maybe it's too much "work" to entertain his lovely bunch of cronies. Just a trhought.

Anonymous said...

That phrase could have been posted for awhile.... meaning three more weeks until court is out for the holidays.
His hair looks better than some peolple's actual/real hair!!

Sprocket said...

The TMZ photo:

Did TMZ photoshop this image? I don't know.

All I know is, every day in court, Spector looks exactly like the image in Harriet Ryan's December 1st article in the Los Angeles Times. The TMZ photo has quite a bit of lighting on it where you can't see the unusual angle lines around the cheekbone area that have sprung up since the last trial. And, the color of the "weave" looks much darker, more of a deep dark brown under the courtroom's harsh florescent lights.

gandolf said...

Phil's Hair is as big a joke as he has become.
His hair is a custom rug - I know the guy that has been making his rugs for years. I find it funny how Rachelle went out of her way to say Phil's hair is real - she is as big a phony and lier as he is.

Ferguson said...

Gandolf: Who's the guy? Who's the guy?

Some of us are a spot curious!