Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony Case ~ Skeletal Remains Found Near Anthony Home

I am sitting here listening and watching a live feed from WFTV in Orlando. A meter reader had gone into the woods to "relieve" himself and saw a black trash bag. He moved or kicked at part of the bag and a small skull fell out of the bag. He then immediately called the authorities. (Bless him!) The area where the remains are is less than a half a mile from the Anthony home. The authorities are on the scene right now.. CSI, etc. They haven't removed the bag with the remains yet, and won't until they've checked out the entire scene around the bag. But, the proximity to the Anthony home leads one to believe that the remains may be Caylee.

George and Cindy Anthony are on their way back to Orlando from California at the moment. They were in California for an appearance on the Larry King show (which I chose NOT to watch.) and to check out a lead they say they got about a sighting of a child that looks like Caylee in a restaurant in Newport Beach, California. They have been notified of the discovery of that bag with the skeletal remains of a small child. Jose Baez has also been notified. Tim Miller, leader of Texas Equusearch who had done a number of searches for Caylee, was on the live broadcast as well. He said that the investigators had called him and said "We've got her."

Here are a few links to articles about the discovery;

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Will be back later when and if there is any further news..............

Small Update: Slideshow of aerial images from the scene: WFTV slideshow

Another Update (10:15am): Investigation Discovery just posted a new entry. One of the items he is reporting is extremely disturbing.
Sources close to the investigation say that remnants of duct tape were found on both the skull and the trash bag. Those items are now being compared to tape and bags that had previously been collected from the car Casey Anthony was driving at the time of her daughter's disappearance.
Duct tape on the skull???? What the hell was done to that child?????


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cindy & George Anthony - you raised a murderer. Now that the body of beautiful little Caylee has seemingly been found, you can finally stop the enabling behavior that has allowed that narcissistic brat of yours to continue her lies. Every time I see that short clip of little Caylee on her great grandfathers lap, a little part of me dies as well. The child was so vulnerable and helpless and you allowed that mess you call your daughter to take responsibility for her well being. Your daughter is a tramp who probably drugged that poor baby in order to freely continue her sexual escapades. I will guarantee you that the last thing that poor baby saw was the face of Casey closing the trunk on her sleepy body. You, as grandparents should have known that Casey was not a fit mother. Cindy, you obviously rule the roost - totally emasculating George and you should have taken control of that poor baby. While ultimately Casey has killed her child, you absolutely had a hand in this. I hope that evey night when you go to sleep, you envision that child lying helpless in the back of the car.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post, that although Cindy and George didn't physically kill Caylee, they had a hand in it. Casey herself said that her mother has told her on numerous occasions that she is an unfit mother. Yet, when Casey disappears for a month, Cindy doesn't even blink an eye until it's too late. Cindy and George's enabling ways have certainly contributed to Casey being so dysfunctional and spoiled. They have allowed this narcissistic behavior since childhood. Hopefully, there are a pair of handcuffs waiting for George and Cindy for obstruction of justice!