Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAN BELLIES AGAIN !!! Coming soon!

I just got an email from Pat informing us when the next " Man Bellies and Hairy Backs Car Wash" will be!
Same place on Sunday, July 11th.!
I'm jazzed!!! I've had such a good time each time we've done it. I will be there again, God willing.
Anyone close enough to come, SHOULD!!! Let them know where you heard about it too!
It's been a pay what you can offering so if you're short on cash and have to put more in your tank to get there... Love to see ya there!
Any men out there that would like to participate I'll post hours later. I think last year we started around 9 or 10 and wrapped up about 3. Just show up and (again) mentioned where you heard about it!
Don't matter how big, small, tall, short, round, scarred, tanned, tattooed, maimed or ( if you get the gist) whatever, come and get involved!
We are doing this to support "Kacie's Ride for Hope to End Domestic Violence" and seriously want people to know that we want to END VIOLENCE IN RELATIONSHIPS !
Food and refreshments will be supplied for those involved. Bring anything you'ld like to contribute.
I want to give directions for those who are thinking about it. From Sacramento, go east on Hwy 50 towards Tahoe. After you pass El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Shingle Springs, coming into Placerville. Take the Placerville Drive exit, just past Missouri Flat Rd. At the stop sign turn right to circle back over the freeway. Then straight through the signals until you see the El Dorado County Fairgrounds on the right. We will be across the street on the left at Breaker Glass.
We usually make enough comotion to be noticed! I don't think you'll miss us.
Kacie's Ride for Hope supports the "Center for Violence Free Relationships." at
Our website is at if you would like to see and learn more about our ride and efforts to bring an END TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

Here's a copy of the email Pat sent me:

Hey fellow bellies
The car wash is going to be the Sunday 11th of July at breaker glass,
We'll be BBQing dogs and such and washing cars.
So all that would like to help out with the wash this year it is a fun but tiring day.
I appreciate all the help from the past years, and hope you would be into again.
Let me know if you can participate.
See last years car wash here
Thank You

Love to see you there !!!

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