Saturday, April 3, 2010

2009 Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash

I was looking around at some of the stuff on my computer and it dawned on me that I hadn't posted the video of this past summer's car wash for Kacie's Ride for Hope on the blog. If I remember right, I had held off posting it until it was posted over on the official website. I guess signals got crossed all over the place.. lol.. It never got onto the official website, and I never managed to get it posted here. So, better late than never, right?

Here's the video that was done for the event:

2009 Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash

I gave up on YouTube for this video because they kept blocking it due to the music that was chosen to accompany the video. (I guess it's that copyright stuff.) Daily Motion didn't object to the song, so no blocking of the video... Anyway.. Hope you enjoy the video!

The folks are gearing up for this years ride, so if you're interested in participating, now's the time to get on over to the Kacie's Ride for Hope website and get the information about the ride. And about the cause that the ride benefits. The fourth annual ride is scheduled for September 11, 2010. If they do another "Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash", I'll try to post the date, time and location here on the blog..

Edited to add:
Here's our post for the First Annual Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash.

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