Monday, June 14, 2010

Melissa Huckaby Sentenced ~ Life in Prison, NO Parole

Melissa Huckaby, the "Sunday school teacher" who was accused of the kidnapping, rape and murder (among other charges) of Sandra Cantu (See photo on the left.) was sentenced this morning.  The judge gave her a sentence of "life with no parole" for the murder and kidnapping charges.  Huckaby was facing the death penalty until she and her attorneys negotiated a plea deal.  A plea deal that eliminated the rape charges, the sexual battery as well as the charges that she drugged another child  and a man that Melisssa had dated.  Sandra was found days later, stuffed into a suitcase (which belonged to Melissa) and floating in a settling pond on a nearby dairy farm.  Since hearing the sentencing this morning, and then reading some of the details that have been released since the gag order was lifted, I've struggled with the writing of this blog entry.  I can fully understand now why the judge ordered everything sealed and put the gag order on everyone.

Quick change of subject....  I'm sure, if you've followed the case, you know what Melissa looked like when she was boohooing at one of the first hearings before the gag order went into place.  Yep, there she is over on the left.  I was shocked to see her in the live video that one of the local stations streamed this morning.  When I first saw her, I hardly recognized her.  The picture on the right is her this morning.   Either she's been eating very well in jail or the meds that she's supposedly on now are making her obese.

As I sat here listening to Melissa "apologize" for what she did I became disgusted with her.  According to her, she doesn't know why she did what she did.  I think she needs to figure that part out.  But then she's got the rest of her life, in prison to do that, I guess.  The part that really got me was when she apologized to Sandra's mother and had the nerve to say that Sandra didn't suffer and that she didn't sexually molest the little girl.  Sandra didn't suffer?  I guess she thinks that the little girl didn't suffer because she drugged her with a generic Xanax tranquilizer!   She didn't molest the girl?  Wait a minute.  The reason the gag order was put on everyone and the reason for the seals on all the documents was because the details of the molestation were too "inflammatory"!  The documents have been unsealed now.  The evidence is out there in the news now.  A torn piece of cloth tied around Sandra's head, a noose.  Lacerations on Sandra's mouth.  Lacerations on Sandra's genitals that match the handle of a rolling pin that was found at the church where Melissa taught Sunday School.  A rolling pin that still had blood smears on it! I can't say anymore.  The information is in the links below or in the articles written by other news organizations.  Google will bring lots of links...

 Melissa "apologized".  Yeah.  Right.  Melissa cried.  For herself.

Rest in peace, Sandra.  Your murderer will die in prison.  My heart goes out to Sandra's family.  The horror of what happened to their precious daughter is out there in the public eye.  But the public eye will move on to the next sensational case and they will hopefully be able to live a relatively "normal" life.  Unfortunately, a life without a beautiful little girl named Sandra.  I hope they will be able to find some peace of mind now that Melissa will be locked away and never be allowed to harm another person.

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katfish said...

This is so sad! Melissa Huckaby not only tortured little Sandra, she left Sandra's family with a lifetime of torture. I was glad to hear Sandra's father say in his victim impact statement that he won't allow hate in his heart.
Have you heard where Huckaby's daughter is? That poor child.

Anakerie said...

I haven't heard for sure where Huckaby's daughter is. I am guessing that she is either with Huckaby's mother or with the child's biological father. Hmm.. Big guess here, I'll pick the former choice. Huckaby's mother.

shari said...

The resolution of this case is fair and just. I hope for the same resolution to the Casey Anthony case. Huckaby's daughter probably will need psych. counseling for a long time. What is up with all of the child abuse, murders, and general disregard for children anymore???

Kenya said...

I've just watched Deadly Women and saw this rapist/murderer profiled. I hope she is being tortured in jail. I can only imagine how the family could be feeling.