Saturday, August 22, 2009

A few thoughts about anonymous comments...

My blog suddenly has gotten a lot of attention because of a post from last December about a photo of Rachelle Spector posing with a gun. I'm not going to speculate about what has suddenly drawn people to that photo. (Over 300 visitors clicked into the blog just to look at that stupid photo since Thursday!) It has also generated some comments that I guess were supposed to be insulting towards me. Idiotic comments, for the most part and were good for a laugh before I deleted them. I've added one last comment to that particular post and I will repeat what I put in the comment here because it pertains to all of the insulting comments from people who don't like what has been written on my blog.
I don't know why this particular post has attracted so much attention in the past few days. The post is OLD, people! Csn't you read the date on the post? Why on earth are people just NOW finding this post and sending insulting comments to me about it? If you want to insult someone, try emailing Rachelle. After all, it was HER photo posing with a GUN that started things.

I personally don't care if this post or her photo offends her or her husband's groupies. If she had any brains at all, she would never had someone take a photo of her with a gun DURING HER HUSBAND'S MURDER TRIAL.

To all the anonymous commenters who object to this post or any other post I have on this blog. Don't bother trying to insult me or anyone else on this blog in an idiotic comment such as the ones I deleted today. The comment moderation has been enabled for quite a while now and it will stay that way for a while longer. If the garbage keeps coming in, the next thing that will happen is that the ability to post anonymously will be GONE.. Got it?
The thought of having to censor the comments on my blog is disturbing to me. But then having anonymous idiots jumping in and posting insults to me or any of the other readers of my blog is even more disturbing. I never had any problems with the anonymous posters until I posted about Rachelle Spector. Even the previous posts I wrote about Phil Spector didn't get the attention from the sick idiots that apparently follow Rachelle around. So, just in case one of Rachelle and Phil's groupies read this post, pass the word. Rachelle nor her or her husband's groupies can NOT going to scare me into removing her photo, nor are they going to make me stop posting to my blog.

If any readers object that strongly to my writings, my opinions or my sense of humor so much that they feel compelled to write a stupid insulting comment complaining about what I have written or how I've written something, I suggest that you just click on through to another blog somewhere and stop coming back to mine and trying to insult me in more comments that will not be published. If you think your ideas are so much better than mine, then start your own damn blog. Got it?

Finally, I apologize to the readers of my blog that don't complain and insult in a comment... It seems that it's the childish actions of a few that always ruin things for the many......... I'm sorry, folks.. I really am.


Sprocket said...

It's YOUR blog Anakerie. You get to run it as you see fit.

Anakerie said...

I know, Sprocket.. It just bothers me (A lot!) when a few idiots ruin things for the rest of us...

Anonymous said...

A.. You are being abused by that sick group known as Team Spector...if you place anything Mr. & Mrs. Satan(aka Spector)-you will get a storm of it. Here's some official news-from us:
AP Reveals Phil Spector Receiving Preferential Treatment in Prison

Outraged Friends of Lana Clarkson Demanding Spector Receive the Sentence He Deserves

Corcoran State Prison, California- The Associated Press (AP) released a shocking story today that Phil Spector is receiving undeserved preferential treatment at Corcoran State prison where he is a serving a 19 years to life term for the murder of actress/comedian Lana Clark son. The AP report by Linda Deutsch, was generated by an organization known as Team Sector, headed by Rachel Sector Phil Spector's 28 year old wife and others including remaining friends cronies, paid employees, and a publicist. The revealing AP report was based on so called "letters" fabricated and given to Ms. Deutsch by Rachel Spector on Mr. Spector's orders through their publicist. The letters were written to Steve Escobar, a musician and one of Spector's frequent house guests and torch bearers. Escobar is known well by the Friends of Lana Clarkson. Escobar has been sending disgusting fowl mouthed e-mails to members of The Friends of Lana Clarkson during and after the trial that convicted Spector. These e-mails which Escobar thought he was sending anonymously have been turned over to law enforcement to be investigated for any criminal laws broken. At this time there has been no civil law suit filed against Escobar for his unethical and disgusting letters concerning lies about Lana Clarkson.

The AP report reveals that Mrs. Rachel Spector is allowed to visit her husband twice a week. He is also allowed to receive his own food and does not have to eat the prison food. Spector still remains in a single room in a hospital atmosphere known as the California Substance Abuse Treatment Center. Last month Team Spector lobbied the Warden to allow Spector e-mail access to the outside world enraging the friends of Lana Clarkson who immediately began a national petition campaign to Warden Derel Adams to deny him this access. The petition was successful. Spector was denied the access.

Just weeks ago Team Spector, headed by Rachel Spector, fabricated a story that Charles Manson made contact with Phil Spector through a note delivered to his cell. Many news outlets took this bogus information supplied to them by Spector through a publicist as fact. The Corcoran State prison spokeswoman held a press conference concurring that the Manson story was a hoax generated from Team Spector. It was learned the two prisons containing Spector and Manson are four miles apart and are completely independent of each other.

The Friends of Lana Clarkson are outraged that AP continues to give a platform to Phil Spector and his wife, including a constant mini-bio on his life every time Spector is written about. The Friends of Lana Clarkson will now petition the Warden, State prison authorities and the Governor's Office for an explanation as to why Phil Spector, a convicted murderer and notorious gun abuser is allowed these special privileges.

Contact: Edward Lozzi for Friends of Lana Clarkson 310-922-1200

katfish said...

Certainly no need to apologize to your regular readers. We love YOUR blog (emphasis on YOUR).

For the life of me I don't know why someone goes to a blog they disagree with anyway, IMO that falls into the category of borrowing trouble. (Who has that kind of time?)

Besides....the Spector's are old news....boring.

I won't be offended if you don't post this....just saying...LOVE YOUR BLOG!

CaliGirl9 said...

Oh drives me nuts too! It's not like giving yourself a handle makes you any more identifiable unless you use your own name as a handle!

Post your opinion and stick to it by at least using a handle, people! It's really not that hard to do!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, Anakerie. And you too Katfish. I used to be flere and I know you are The Real Thing!!!

detous on twitter
Take Care, Sweetheart/s ~~~