Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eureka, Fort Bragg and More

My Stepdad was getting bored sitting around the house, so he came up with the idea of going up to Eureka for a day or two. So I headed over to Yuba City early Thursday morning and parked my car in their garage, transferred my suitcase to their car and off we went... As we headed north, and then west through the coastal range, the weather changed from bright and sunny in the valley to cloudy up in the mountains. It actually rained on us a bit on our way down from the summit. The weather on the coast was very changeable from one hour to the next. Cloudy now and an hour later it was sunny. I took a coat with me, but never even got it out of my suitcase... lol

Of course we took a few side trips here and there. For instance, once we got to Eureka and got settled in our motel room, we headed out to Samoa so we could have lunch at the Samoa Cookhouse which is the last operating lumber mill cookhouse still in operation. If you ever have an opportunity to be near Eureka, I highly recommend you visit the Cookhouse for a meal. The Cookhouse serves meals "family style" even if you are there by yourself. In other words, they bring bowls and platters to your piece of the long tables and you serve yourself. Oh yeah, they bring pitchers of ice water and your choice of beverage to the table too. There was a man sitting by himself at the other end of the table and they served him with the bowls, platters and pitchers as well. The menu for Thursday afternoon's lunch was:

  • Vegetable beef soup (Definitely not canned soup!)
  • Salad Short Ribs in Gravy (Big chunks of meat along with chunks of carrots in gravy.)
  • Pasta (I'm sure there was a name to the pasta that I missed. It was lightly seasoned but was great with the gravy from the ribs over it.)
  • Calico Beans (A variety of types of beans cooked together with sort of a light barbeque sauce.. Yummy!)
  • Peas (I let my Mom and Stepdad have the peas and I stole all the carrots out of the dish of ribs.)
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate icing

After completely stuffing ourselves at the Cookhouse, we decided it might be a good idea to walk some of it off. So we headed over to the marina.


We wandered around looking at the boats, which are a mixture of commercial fishing boats, charter or private fishing boats and private pleasure boats. At one end of the marina, there is a monument that lists sailors lost at sea from that area. The dates on the names on the lists ranged from the 1800's clear up to this year. Across the sidewalk on the bay side, there is a statue dedicated to all the sailors lost at sea. It was sad to read through the lists and see how many of them had never been recovered after being lost. After walking around the marina for a while, we decided to go back over to the old part of Eureka and look at some of the Victorian homes that are scattered all over the old part of town. As we came down into that part of town, we could see the tower on the Carson Mansion, so we headed off the "main route" down one of the side streets in the direction of that tower we could see above the roofs of the other buildings. We didn't quite make it to the mansion when that street ended in a parking lot for the library. But that was fortunate, because the library had a lovely brochure with a map of points of interest in Eureka. We did manage to find our way to the front of the mansion though.


It's owned by a private club, so we didn't get a chance to go inside or even around the grounds and gardens. But, there are many more stately old Victorians within a few blocks.


Across the street from the Carson Mansion is another, smaller, mansion that was built by the Carson family that is called the "Pink Lady". The following pictures are of more of the Victorians that we walked past, some are offices and some are bread and breakfast inns or even a hotel.




After walking around looking at the beautiful buildings we got back in the car, thinking we'd go check out the "downtown" part of old Eureka. As we drove down the "main street" of the old part of town, we saw people carrying folding chairs and stuff towards the waterfront. Naturally we got curious and headed that direction.


We found a band on the waterfront getting ready for an open air free concert. They played a couple of tunes in between fiddling with the sound balance and stuff.. The music was kind of jazzy and had some of the folks that had gathered there up and dancing. By this time, my Stepdad's legs were about to give out on him, so we went back to the motel and settled in for the evening.

We got up the next morning and headed south down Highway 101 towards the redwoods and Fort Bragg. We had originally planned on grabbing some coffee and the "continental breakfast" that the motel advertised, but since the office was still locked up after 7am and we couldn't even see the coffee maker working we decided to head on down the road. We found a lovely little cafe in a small town called Miranda which is along the Avenue of the Giants. Breakfast was delicious and huge..

Silly me, I didn't take any pictures at all in Fort Bragg or down in Mendicino when we went window shopping and wandering. I guess I'd been there too many times.. lol.. I promise, blog readers, I will try to take some pictures in Fort Bragg and in Mendicino the next time I go over there.

I took a few pictures on the trip "home" yesterday. When we left Fort Bragg, we headed south down Highway 1 for a while. We saw some spectacular views and even went out to one of the lighthouses along the coast.





Point Arena Lighthouse in the fog.


Sun peeking through the fog at Point Arena.


Sea caves near Point Arena Lighthouse.

By the way, if any of my readers are from the area around Booneville CA, can you please tell me what was going on there yesterday? When we came into town on Mountain View Road, we saw a group of people standing by the fence at the end of the airport, then we saw all the people that were along the road next to the airport. We drove down that road to the point where it was roped off and all the airplanes were parked.. We were curious, but we didn't see anyone handy enough to pull over and roll down a window to ask.. lol, I figured I could find something on the internet... WRONG! LOL! So, if anyone knows what was going on at the Booneville airport, I'd sure appreciate it if someone posts a comment!

Hopefully this will work.. It's a map of our route (for the most part)...

View Yuba City, Eureka, Fort Bragg & Back in a larger map

Yay! It worked! LOL.. It didn't want to work earlier..


shari said...

You're makin' me wish I was out there in Cali land. Beautiful pix!

Sprocket said...

I"m not feeling well enough to read your entire entry, but the PHOTOS were spectacular! I'll come back to read when I'm a bit better.

Anakerie said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon, Sprocket! Summertime is a horrible time to be feeling ill!

liz said...

Fabulous pics - thank you so much

Anakerie said...

Glad you folks enjoy my photos! I enjoy taking them! LOL

Debi aka peetce said...

I just LOVE your pics!!! Oh...I just started my own blog....Called it "Tumbleweeds" cuz it is just like my brain.....easily blown around from place to place ROFL!
PS. I will try to add some pics from around here and you can see what my part of "home" looks like! :)

CaliGirl9 said...

My family lived in Eureka for about 18 months in the late 1950s. I have few conscious memories of the place. Apparently I was sick all of the time.
I had no idea there were so many beautiful old Victorians in that area. I *think* my grandmother lived in an older restored Victorian but I can't be sure.
Maybe it's time to see it again after all these years.

Anakerie said...

Hi Debi! I found your blog and have linked to it now.. hehe.. Good job!

CaliGirl, if you do go up to Eureka, go by the library (it's very near to the Carson Mansion) and grab one of the maps they have. It's got excellent information! Most of the old Victorians we saw were in the old "downtown" area. And don't forget to go out to the Samoa Cookhouse.. hehe..

katfish said...

Hey Lady,
These pictures are awesome! Is there anything you can't do? Writer,Photographer,Games, etc....very impressive!
LOL, I would have passed on those peas too. ;)
I have a great recipe for calico beans if you ever need it. The recipe is large so I usually take it to potlucks in a crockpot since there are just 2 of us here....I don't think I've ever brought any home.

Anakerie said...

LOL, Katfish! There is LOTS that I can't do!! As for the peas, I never have developed a taste for them.. Unless it's a good split pea soup! hehe..
I'd love a recipe for calico beans! I may live alone, but every once in a while I still cook up a big pot of beans and eat my fill, then freeze what's left so I can enjoy them later on.. I just finished off the last batch of Navy beans with sausage and I know I'm going to have to cook up another pot soon.. lol