Saturday, April 4, 2009

Man Bellies and Hairy Backs...

Hey Sis and readers.

Last year I posted about a Car wash we did for Kacie's Ride for Hope. See First annual Man-bellies and Hairy-backs Carwash? I've been asking Pat to post some of the pictures. As I've told friends and family about it, everyone enjoyed the story and wished they could have seen it. Finally, as we are starting to meet and plan this years run I reminded Pat about the want for pictures. So here they are, on the website for the run:

Look on the right side of the page and click on the Man Bellies and Hairy Backs Carwash to see the pictures. There were a lot more pics taken but these will give you a good idea of how much fun we had that day. We have decided to do it twice this year, more often might loose it's uniqueness. Pat said he will post the date and location on the site.

I'm looking forward to helping again to benefit "Kacie's Ride" and the "Center for Violence Free Relationships" it supports. The bonus for me is the fun I'll have and memories I'll gain. I , no we all, need to remember to use LOTS more sunscreen this year! Last year we were having so much fun we didn't think about re-screening. It was intense for a couple days. But every time the burn hurt, I'd just grin and remember the good time we had.

Hope some of you readers will be close enough to come to the carwash and enjoy the show!

Untill next post, God Bless, have fun and share it.


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