Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Trucker's Lament...

Today I'm not going to report on crimes or tragedies. At least not for now. We'll have to wait and see what the day brings, tough. Anyway, my trucker friend sent me a series of text messages a while back. I saved them and thought I'd share... (With a bit of editing to put them all together into a readable format.) Think Willie Nelson here... And no, my trucker friend is not a big fan of Willie.. Just ask him.. He'll tell you!

On the road again,
Going to places I have already been,
Seeing things I never want to see again,
Oh god help me, I am on the road again.

Dealing with people that are a pain in the end,
Doing things I wish I didn't have to do again,
Oh lord, I think I am going to cry again,
Damn it, I am on the road again.

All eighteen wheels are turning once again,
Stopping at places all over again,
My route seems to never end,
All I do is work and sleep before I start again,
Please someone help me I am on the road again.

Will I ever see my wife and kids again,
Will spend the holidays alone again,
Some day soon, will have to play the lottery or I will never win,
Oh man, its four am, time to get on the road again.
Do I have to die before this will end,
Oh god, I am on the road again

The "purty" big red truck above is one of the trucks I drove back in the 90's. If you look real close at the windshield, you can see a very vague image of the driver. That's me! My trucker friend was out freezing his butt off in the snow taking the picture.. We're in a rest area on I70 near Aspen... The weather was very nice in Denver, but it was blizzard time in Aspen... lol

And now I'll close with a little more humor that I just can't resist this morning:
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Vanessa said...

Hello there. I’m your “trucker friends” fiancĂ©e. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Many things you’ve wrote about have made me chuckle, especially things you have wrote about him. I was telling him about things that you’ve wrote about, seems I may have made him interested in looking at your blog at some point too. So you may receive a comment from him soon. Urgh I’ve wrote ‘him’ too many times, but seeing as you have referred to him as your trucker friend throughout your blog, thought I would protect his identity also. :)


Anakerie said...

Hi Vanessa! I'm glad you've enjoyed looking through the blog and gotten a few chuckles! I'll be honest with you, I don't know why I keep referring to him as my "trucker friend" and not using his name... lol! But, I'm sure he'll be the subject of more posts on here... hehe.. Maybe one of these days I'll use his name! ;-)