Sunday, November 9, 2008

Search For Caylee Suspended... But There Will Be Another Search

Tim Miller, from EquuSearch made an announcement today that they are suspending the searches for Caylee and will be moving their equipment to North Carolina to search for 4 missing persons tomorrow, Monday. David Lohr from Investigation Discovery made the initial announcement on his blog before Tim's press conference. There will be searches going out from TES while the command post is being taken down according to a follow-up post from David.

I've been spending a lot of time lurking on the InSessions message boards and have been reading too many posts from people gloating over the fact that there were fewer searchers than were hoped for. Those posts generated more posts and more hateful back and forth stuff. I put a post up there this afternoon that says this:
With all the arguing going on over who believes ones thing against someone who believes something else. No matter where your sympathies lie, the one thing we should all consider is the fact that there is one person who could end all of it. Just one person. Casey.

Stop and think about all the people who have been out searching on all the various search events that have happened. Whether the searches were with TES or any other group that has gone out and spent their time, their energy and their emotions. Think about the people yesterday who couldn't be there to search but called in hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of food and water for the folks who were able to be there in Orlando. My heart goes out to all of those people, the ones who were there in Orlando and the ones who weren't but still had the heart to do something to help. I applaud them all.. And that is a standing ovation type applause.

The Anthony family, Cindy, George and Lee, have only one person to look to for answers about where Caylee is. One person and her lawyer. I can not imagine the pain that Cindy, George and Lee feel. I also can not fathom the attitude they've had towards the people who have wanted to help find Caylee. I can imagine the feeling of not wanting to broach the subject of a "dead" Caylee, but if it were me, I would want to know where my grandchild was. Dead or alive. If they truly believe that Caylee is alive, they need to give an idea of where to look for the little girl. They need to look to Casey for the answers, unfortunately. I don't think they'll be getting any answers from her or her lawyer anytime soon.

The fact that the searches for Caylee by TES have been suspended (for the most part) makes me incredibly sad, but I do understand the situation that they are in. They've searched the areas spotlighted by the investigators as well as they possibly could, why would they go over ground that has already been covered? TES will move on to other cases, and hopefully will be closure to other families. Some day, some how, there will be closure for the Anthony's, but it will have to come at the hands of Casey. And, as I've said before, I don't think that will be coming anytime soon.

Ok, I'm done with my rant. The gloaters and the baiters can continue on.... Later folks. I need a break for a while."

After leaving the InSessions board, I went over to a live streaming site that is from a fellow who has an awesome live cam setup. He's been down in Orlando giving "virtual" tours of the areas that things have happened in this case. I got on to his site on UStream just in time to find out that he had some "breaking news". Leonard Padilla had called him and asked him to meet him at a certain spot in Blanchard Park there in Orlando. If you've followed the Caylee Anthony case at all, you'll recognize the name of that park. Casey and her mother, Cindy, have mentioned that park numerous times. Murt will be uploading a video later tonight of Leonard Padilla explaining why he's interested in that area of the park, I'm sure.

I'll try to explain a little bit here. According to Leonard, during the searches back in August, a small beaded cross was found. A cross that was very similar to one that Casey has. Leonard has been scoping out that area and has gotten together with the FBI and OSCO investigators and has gotten the go-ahead to put divers in the river near where that cross was found. This will be happening tomorrow, Tuesday. Murt (The guy with the cams) will be there tomorrow morning with his cam truck to record what happens. The divers are supposed to be going in the water around 8am tomorrow, so if any of you east coasters are reading this tonight, try clicking on the UStream link and it'll take you to Murt Witness One and you can see what his cams will show. Murt was supposed to work tomorrow, but because Leonard specifically asked him to come and see what was going on, Murt has arranged for someone to cover him (He's a truck driver, among other things.) and he will be there in Blanchard Park tomorrow morning. At least that is what he said when he had his sound on a few minutes ago... lol.. I'm watching his cam right now, and he's got it on the cam that is on the roof of his van and is driving home...

Anyway, I'm not sure that I want to go back to the Caylee threads on InSessions for a while. Watching people bash each other has never been a pastime that I've enjoyed. Plus, while they are so busy bashing each other and bashing everyone involved in the case, nothing worthwhile in the way of information can be discussed. I am thinking maybe I need to find a better place to lurk... **sigh**

Here's a small update on the search that Leonard Padilla is organizing for tomorrow morning. Another blogger has posted about the search at Blanchard Park as well, and managed to get some screen shots of Leonard and folks at the site they plan on searching. Go to Ketchup Soup and take a peek.

Another Update
Murt has uploaded the video of Leonard Padilla and I'm going to try to embed it here..
Free Videos by Ustream.TV

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