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And the Circus Goes On and On.....

As usual, the case of the missing child, Caylee Anthony is still in the news. We have more players in the circus again, too. Henry Lee has signed on to the defense. Yes, the ketchup spitting, evidence losing forensics "expert" is going to try to help redeem Casey Anthony. More about all that later.

First though, the other day one of the posters on the Caylee Anthony section of the InSessions message board made an excellent post and I jokingly told her that I was tempted to ask permission to repost what she said here on my blog. Later, she gave her permission and asked for a "disclaimer" to be added. Here's the original post (with some minor editing for spelling and such):
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The fact that nobody's seen Caylee since mid June, the fact that Casey didn't call the LE and report Caylee kidnapped, the fact she partied and nobody saw her shed a tear or even look a tiny bit worried, and the fact that she told the LE lie upon lie upon lie when they wanted to fnd Caylee after Cindy reported her missing, go a long way to proving to me that Caylee is dead and Casey murdered her. jmo

Thats about it. Cindy utilizing 'public awareness organizations' to put the 'word out' that Caylee is missing, is well, to be blunt, BOGUS.

And the public knows it.

Hence, the reason there has been no outpouring of community assistance. all one has to do is go back a bit and view some videos of George and his t-shirts, setting up a mobile booth out of his car....there is at most ONE person helping him.

That's the reality of the community's mindset. why buy a t-shirt that their own daughter knotted at the waist so the "notify number" isnt readable...that's the first clue.

Having a child "missing" and maintaining a sense of fashion while wearing sunglasses she obtained thru fraud, AND being arrested the first time around with the sweatshirt she obtained thru fraud...

.....Its jaw dropping. And here are her parents, the lawyers championing her. they view the public as uninformed idiots.

Caylee is deceased. The Anthonys are not being taken advantaged of by Kidfinders or anyone else. They are using these resources to keep up appearances prior to the trial.

*Damn dead body in the car* statement, she thinks she can smooth over that statement with her new and approved "she's alive" grandstanding....

Too may words have been spoken by the Anthonys and forever preserved.... So many....

However, Casey's jailhouse calls are the most important. Her mother Cindy might have outdid herself in volume of interviews, but Casey's jailhouse calls, however brief and few, give the most panoramic view of her souless being.

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And, here's Pru's request for the disclaimer along with a quote of my post about me putting her post on this blog:

Originally Posted by Anakerie

Awesome post Pru... You just said a lot of what I think of this whole case. I'm halfway tempted to ask you for permission to post it on my blog! lol..

Thank you! You have my permission.... Can you put a little disclaimer like the Anthonys have on their site? Something like "Copyright 2008 IMO" lol

Seriously, though, stepping back in time here, its incredulous of the Anthonys to have gone beyond giving more than ONE interview....given the circumstances...her daughter living her life as if nothing has occurred out of the ordinary and never reporting caylee ABDUCTED. For a good abduction story: she could have done that the day after she killed her....made up a story...lost her in the park, whatever....

But alas, that is what psychopaths do....rather dont do.....they just dont care, close their eyes and go on with life.

I've about had my full with the word "missing". If the story is to be told properly by the Anthonys, she is a victim of kidnapping. however, they continue to peddle their story with the word missing.

Why arent they printing up t-shirts and bracelets that say KIDNAPPED? and why arent they prefacing their pressers with the word KIDNAPPED?


best regards,
Pru has a really good point there. The Anthony family, Casey, George, Lee and Casey are trying their best to convince the world that Caylee is alive, Caylee was kidnapped by an nanny that no one other than Casey has seen, and that the investigators are mistaken about the smell of decomposition in Casey's car. If, and that is a big "IF", Caylee was actually kidnapped by this nanny, the natural question then is why can't we (meaning the investigators on the case) find this Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez? Or even some kind of record that she exists?

Apparently, according to all I've read, there are quite a few Zenaida Gonzalez's in Florida. But, there was only one Zenaida Gonzalez that was associated in any way with the Sawgrass Apartments where Casey says she dropped Caylee off with the nanny. That Zenaida Gonzalez visited that apartment complex and toured the units as a prospective tenant. She filled out a "visitor's card" at that complex. And now, due to the notariety of this case, the woman has lost her job and is unable to find another one because of her name. Because Casey told the investigators that Zenaida Gonzalez was a kidnapper/child stealer. And Casey's mother, Cindy, has perpetuated that story in front of so many news reporters.

Zenaida Gonzalez has retained an attorney, John Morgan, and filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony. Casey and her attorney, Jose Baez filed a countersuit. Mr. Morgan told WESH 2 News that the countersuit obligates Casey Anthony to give a deposition or drop the suit. I have a feeling that Jose Baez has made a major mistake by filing the countersuit. A deposition of Casey Anthony done for this civil lawsuit can be used against her during the murder trial. John Morgan is planning on trying to depose Casey in jail. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Baez and Casey drop the countersuit before a deposition can take place? (Geez.. This sounds like one of those things from a soap opera!)

Meanwhile, back to Dr. Henry Lee. Henry Lee has examined the car and the evidence that has been taken from the car. On the Nancy Grace show last night, Lee stated that the car still smells bad. But, he is saying that the smell is not from human decomposition. He says it's a "rotten smell" caused by "any type of decomposition". Here is a snippet of the transcription of last night's show:
GRACE: I know. I`ve been missing you, Dr. Lee. It`s nice to hear your voice. So did the car still stink to high heaven when you examined it?

LEE: Yes, when I examine the car, it still have the odor.

GRACE: Now, Dr. Lee, your testimony has been extremely impressive in the past. No one will ever forget the various demonstrations that you have done in high-profile court cases. When you say it smelled, is it true the car smells of decomposition?

LEE: The smell -- actually, it`s a rotten smell. It`s caused by any type of decomposition. The definition of decomposition, anything. It can be any food material. Can be human body. Can be any type of thing, decomposition. So the terms decomposed, human body odor, I don`t think any scientist can qualify to say -- just smell the odor, say that`s a human body.

GRACE: Well, Dr. Henry Lee -- everyone, with us, he is on the Anthony defense team -- I know that you have the highest regard for the Oak Ridge Laboratories in Tennessee. I trained there myself for a period of time. According to them, and their -- their specialty unit, the "body farm," there was evidence of human decomposition. Would that be consistent with the smell that you smelled, Dr. Henry Lee?

LEE: Here, that`s -- you know, I`m a scientist. I only can address some scientific issue. I cannot speculate. Decomposition, because the trunk -- don`t forget, I looked at not only the car. Also looked at the liner, the carpet. Also looked at the content of the material. And I don`t know anybody informed me or not -- there are a lot of garbage was collected. A lot of material was collected from the trunk.

GRACE: Like what?

LEE: Like what? Like food, like meat, like pizza box, like cheese, like ham, box (ph) of soda, and all different material in there. So basically, a lot of maggots and a lot of insects, all kind of material mixed together. So I cannot really elaborate too much on what I found because this is an active case. I cannot really reach a conclusion at this moment.
Of course he can't "reach a conclusion" or even speak about it on TV. So why the hell was he on Nancy Grace last night? And why did he say this:
LEE: OK. Nancy, I look at the whole car. Then I examine the liner, the carpet, the content of the car. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Orange sheriff department, the crime scene investigator and detective. They`re true professionals. So the whole examination took a whole day and very professional manner. We did find some additional evidence, which was collected and handed to the sheriff`s department.
Lee found additional evidence? Oh man.. Echoes of the Phil Spector case last year when Henry Lee allegedly found a fingernail and then lost it instead of turning it over to the investigators for that case! If he found something this time and turned it over to the investators, perhaps he learned something last year. During the Phil Spector case, Henry Lee was supposed to be one of the "experts" testifying for the defense, but Lee managed to make himself unavailable for testimony by going overseas and not coming back until after the mistrial had been declared. Supposedly, Henry Lee is going back overseas soon to accept some kind of award (Oh no, another echo!) and I have to wonder if he's planning on staying a while again. No comment from me on the list of things that Henry Lee says was in the trunk of that car.. lol.. Frozen food boxes???? (The full transcript of the show is available at this link.)

And rumor has it that there will be more documents relating to the case being released soon. I have never followed a case such as this one where so many documents have been released to the public before a trial!

The search for Caylee goes on, apparently. The media says that divers are in the water at Jay Blanchard park again today, however Leonard Padilla, the man who got the divers there in the first place, isn't with them. He is back in California and apparently is waiting to take a polygraph test about how those items they found last week got into the river.

Then we have the new news about this organization that George and Cindy have been depending on for help in finding their granddaughter. Kid Finders Network. WFTV in Orlando has been looking into the background of the organization and the people who run it. Dennis Milstead, who heads up the organization, apparently has quite the criminal background. And the reporters who are looking into the organization have found out that they have never found a missing child! WFTV's reporter, Kathi Belich went to see Dennis Mistead and tried to talk to him about that criminal background. Milstead got physical with Kathi and her cameraman. Click HERE to watch the confrontation. And this is the guy who George and Cindy trust? Scary.

Well, I'm going to end this post for now... And of course, I'll add a picture from the ICanHazCheezburger site... And it's not a cat! lol

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