Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yard Art and More on Sunday Drives

Hope you all don't mind.. I'm just goofing around a bit today and thought I'd add an "official" blog post..

Almost every Sunday, my brother, my mother and I get in the car and go for a drive.  We're not picky about where we go, we pick a direction and find some back roads and see what's out there.  We do lots of U-turns to go back and look at and take pictures of things we see..  We've found some restaurants that are out of the way and are well worth a trip back to sample more of the food.. All in all, we enjoy a day out being silly and seeing what we can see.. Here's just a sample of some of what we see:

We've found some really beautiful and creative pieces of what we call "Yard Art' sitting in people's front yards.

Yard art!

We've also found some old cars, trucks and other vehicles that are neat to look at as well as puzzle over.. There have been a couple that we still don't know what they were.. lol.. We still don't know what this one is.. Do you?

Mystery ? Couldn't get closer to it.
Back end of Mystery ?
We look at the crops growing alongside the roads and most we can identify, but we occasionally come across some that we have absolutely no clue what they are.
Mystery crop... Purple?
We'll stop to look at buildings "going back to nature" for one reason or another..

This poor house is slowly falling apart. Sad, isn't it? We loved the curved stairway in the "living room"..
Not really sure what this building used to be. A small barn, maybe?

Or we'll stop for wild flowers or other interesting plants and flowers..
The cattails are "Okay"!
I may do this again one of these days.. We'll see what kind of interesting things we see this coming Sunday...

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