Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Florida Amber Alert Issued

Another child is missing in Florida.

Earlier this week, I didn't think I would watch the memorial service for Caylee Anthony. But, this morning I watched it on CNN and during one of the short breaks in the coverage of the service, the news announcer mentioned yet another missing child. The family of this little girl didn't wait for 31 days before telling anyone that the child was missing. (More about the service later...)

An Amber Alert was issued early this morning for Haleigh Cummings, who lives with her father and his girlfriend in Satsuma, Florida which is in Putnam County. Haleigh was last seen sleeping in her bedroom while her father was at work and his girlfriend slept in the next room. Apparently the girlfriend was awakened by a loud noise around 3:30 am and went to check on little Haleigh when she discovered the girl was missing. The woman told police that the door to the home was not locked at the time, according to Sgt. Jason Nettles of the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities are concerned because at least 25 registered sex offenders live near the missing girl's home in Satsuma, Fla.

Haleigh is 3 feet tall with blond hair and brown eyes. Anyone having information is asked to call 1-888-FL MISSING.

Code Amber

Now, for the service. As I said, I wasn't sure that I wanted to watch the service when it was first announced. I don't know why I changed my mind this morning. I have to admit, Cindy planned a moving and dignified memorial for her granddaughter. Lee, George and then Cindy stood up and spoke to the people who gathered in the church for the service. Thankfully, there were no disruptions during the memorial.

Lee's speach was puzzling to me. He didn't mention Caylee by name. He referred to her as "C M A". Yes, those are Caylee's initials, but they are also his sister's initials. What was the "promise" that he spoke about? A lot of posters on the message boards I'm reading believe it was a promise made to his sister, who is in jail accused of murdering Caylee, not a promise made to the child who is gone.

George and Cindy both spoke of Caylee. They spoke about their love for her, they spoke about the things she used to do and what love and life she brought into their lives. They also spoke about Casey. George asked people to write to Casey. I'm sorry, George, but I'm not going to write to your daughter.

Cindy commented on all the bracelets and pins that she was wearing in Caylee's honor. George spoke of a locket he was wearing with Caylee's name on it. The Caylee pins were obvious on both George and Cindy, but oddly enough, Lee did not wear a Caylee pin. He only had a shamrock pin on his chest. Why? The shamrock thing was a "Casey thing" since her birthday is so close to St. Patrick's day. I suppose that is another little indication that Lee is thinking more of his sister than of his murdered niece.

From what has been announced by newscasters, Casey elected not to watch the memorial service for her daughter. Instead, she met with her lawyer, Jose Baez. Yesterday, Mr. Baez read a "statement" about the service:
"This is a statement by my client and she's authorized me to a make a statement to the public with regards to tomorrow's memorial.

I miss Caylee every day and every minute of every day. I can't be there for Caylee's funeral, but some day I want to go and visit her grave and tell her how much I miss her.

allowed my parents to be in charge for the funeral for Caylee. I told them I wanted her buried in a casket and I wanted there to be a gravestone so I could go and visit her. I asked them if there could only be a private funeral for just the family.

know they cremated her. I still don't want a public event with cameras and everybody around for Caylee's service, but I can't stop my parents from doing what they want. I truly hope that it will help them

Casey's statement uses the word "I" fourteen times and she only mentioned Caylee's name four times. It gives you a hint of what is in Casey's head. It seems that she wants all this to be about her and not about her daughter.

I am guessing that this memorial service for Caylee is going to be analyzed to death by news casters, commentators, bloggers and posters on message boards for days to come. I am glad I watched it this morning for myself. But, I am not going to analyze it to death. It is over, the child is gone and the family members need to heal as much as they can as they wait for the trial to come. Rest in Peace, Caylee.

Now, bring on the trial and show us the evidence. The world wants to know what happened to that beautiful little girl.

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