Saturday, January 3, 2009

Video Clips from the Caylee Anthony Case

A group called Nifter Media has produced some powerful videos that show the contrasting and conflicting statements made by the Anthony family, George, Cindy, Lee and Casey. If you haven't seen them already, please watch....

Part 1 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 2 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 3 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 4 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

This is from the description that Nifter Media put on the YouTube site:
A 4 part series featuring a collection of clips from the Caylee Marie Anthony homicide case.

This series of videos focuses on the 'Anthony family perspective,' so to speak; most of the clips are of Anthony family members directly, or, about a specific family member.

The song 'You Are My Sunshine' is used as a theme for these videos for a variety of reasons, foremost because videos of both Caylee and her grandfather singing this song have been released to the public, but also because the world has become attached to this little girl and the song fits well within this context. There are also other reasons also, including the fact that it offers stark contrast between the life Caylee could have had and the events that have unfolded.

These videos do not represent a timeline of the case, rather, they were picked randomly and pieced together in a way that we thought fit best with what we were trying to present. Additionally, the videos are not intended to make anyone appear guitly of any wrong-doing. Editing that leaves the viewer with an impression of unlawful activity by anyone referred to in the videos is purely coincidental and unintended.

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