Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Defense Prepares?

Yes, I am still banned from the InSessions board, but I'm there reading/lurking without logging in. Someone in the Caylee Anthony forums linked this cartoon into the threads this morning and it so fits so many cases I've watched over the years that I had to put it here on my blog.

As we all watch the news from Orlando, I am sure I'm not the only one wondering what kind of defense Jose Baez is going to present. The news is saying that the investigators (according to "sources inside the investigation") have overwhelming evidence that Casey Anthony intentionally murdered her almost 3 year old daughter, Caylee. They are also saying that according to reports returned by forensic botanists and entomologists brought in to anaylyze the terrain and insect growth where Caylee's remains were found, they can place the time of the death sometime in June. The sources say that plants were growing through the skeleton and bug evidence was also recovered, both of which helped scientists reach their conclusion. So those experts (If the "sources" are right.) have pretty much canceled out the rumors that keep floating around that the child's body was moved there after Casey was jailed.

So how is Jose Baez going to explain away Casey's involvement in her daughter's death? He can't stand there and spout off the stories about the child being alive and out there somewhere with the kidnappers now that the remains have been found. Is he going to go with the "nanny-kidnapper" story? If so, which one? The story about Casey dropping Caylee off in an apartment at the Sawgrass Apartments? Or the story about dropping her off on the stairs in front of the apartment? Or maybe the one about the "nanny" and her sister knocking Casey to the ground and taking off with Caylee? In the brief that was sent to the prosecutors earlier on trying to get the death penalty taken off the table, it was theorized that Caylee died due to an accidental overdose. Is that the one Mr. Baez is going to run with? It's hard to tell what the guy is aiming for as we watch him in action in the courtroom dealing with all the motions he's filed.

Speaking of all those motions being filed. The court appearance of Casey on Thursday was a surprise to a lot of people. Casey had refused to come to court initially when the jailers went to fetch her, but the judge insisted that since she didn't sign a waiver, she had to appear. It seems Mr. Baez forgot to have her sign the waiver and was just going on her verbal decision not to attend. So, Casey was brought to court. Her demeanor was amazing, in my opinion. The lawyers and the judge were discussing her own daughter's remains (Her bones!) and Casey sat there for the most part expressionless. No emotion, no connection to what was being said about her daughters bones. It seemed a couple of times she had to suppress a smirk or smile about something that was said, but overall, she looked like a cold fish, totally bored with what was being discussed. I don't think I could have been so cold if someone were discussing my child's remains like that!

Anyway, the photos of poor little Caylee's bones are supposed to end up on a "secure" server in Jose Baez's office that the defense experts will access to form their opinions of what happened to the child. I have a problem with that "secure server" in the Baez office though. How the heck is he going to set up something like that when his own law firm's website is as screwed up as it is? There hasn't been a working link on that website since Casey was spending her days in his office! Was she playing at being Jose's webmaster during all those days kicking back in his office? lol.. That "secure server" is a lot more complicated to set up than a simple website with working links!

Anyway, back to the defense........ Whatever it might be. It will be an interesting trial to watch just to see what the evidence is and to see what the defense has to say that is going to make us say "Now I understand!" I'd like to give Jose Baez a "clue". We understand that your client, Casey Anthony, murdered her daughter, packed her body in trash bags and dumped it in the woods less than a quarter mile from her parent's home.

Meanwhile, George and Cindy Anthony are supposedly "actively" planning the memorial services for their granddaughter. Finally. "She's finally been able to start working on some plans in regards to the public service,” Conway, the Anthony's attorney said. “Music, flowers, possible venues for it.” He also stated that not all are "welcome" to attend the services. He (and I'm guessing Cindy) says that Leonard Padilla, the California bounty hunter that bailed Casey out of jail the first time, will not be invited or let in to the services. Sheesh. I wonder who else Cindy has on her list of "uninvited" guests to her granddaughter's memorial. Perhaps the two private investigators who supposedly have a video of the area where the remains were found? How about Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch, the man who headed up all those searches for a "not alive" child? What about the Anthony's first attorney, Mark Nejames? Personally, if I were planning a memorial service for a loved one, the last thing I would think about would be who can't attend. And the circus keeps on going, doesn't it?

Bah... Enough about the Anthony circus for now. I'm going to close with a cat picture that I fell in love with when I saw it on the LOLCat website yesterday;

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Star Noble said...

Great update! This case just gets weirder and weirder. Everyone wants in for their moment in the sun including that slime Baez. I'm convinced he is keeping news of how bad it is from Casey and even probably keeping GA and CA away so that they can't fill her in. After all, she might learn how much they have against her and want to plea out which would end his tv appearances.

I hope the judge orders her to each hearing so that she can hear what's against her. She just might want to plea out to avoid the needle. But wait...that would end Jose's paycheck and tv shots. Oh no! ;-)

katfish said...

This kitty picture made me wish I had grabbed my camera the other dh brushed our little Sheltie dog, Biscuit, and had a pile of hair much like the kitty above...what was funny was Biscuit had a mouth full of his brushed out hair. I told him,"You can try Biscuit, but you won't get it back by eating it!" LOL silly animals, LOVE THEM!