Monday, June 9, 2008

Office Meltdown?

A lot of bloggers are talking about the latest "viral video" that shows an office worker in the midst of a meltdown. I stumbled onto it on the ABC News site, in their video section; "Office Freak Out: Real or Fake?". (I sure hope that the link works.. it sometimes takes me to other videos on the ABC site.. For instance, I got one about some elephants that freaked out when the tornado sirens sounded. lol) That led me to search Youtube and I found the following video set to music:

Second angle from a cell phone:

Best detective work on figuring out if the video is real:

"Office Meltdown" Theories


“Insane Office Worker,” what happened?

Here's the original article explaining what happened (it needs to be translated):

Here's the Google translation of the article:
Today, a new online video scandalous - Record with surveillance cameras in one of the metropolitan office. At the black-and-white screen can be seen as a man who sits outside his table, suited man, after several seconds of conversation vskakivaet first, and begins to offset the premises.

First - launched a monitor in a woman, then became destroy everything. At the same time nobody tried to stop it, despite the fact that in the room was full of men.

Only when the guard intervened, who twice "vrazumil" elektroshokerom young man, managed to stop the madness. In LJ said that incident occurred in the office of the advertising edition "Yellow Pages". The reason buystva young man - the failure of a vital earned commissions.

Podoshedshy man named Igor cattiness joked - Pier was thought to rest in Thailand, and now poedesh in Crimea. That was the last drop.

LJ - mostly community understands and sympathizes clerk to derail him - monotonic work in any office can bring to this.

A lot of people are saying in the comments for the videos on Youtube and elsewhere that incident is "faked", but if you watch videos anywhere on the internet, you see lots of those comments. Apparently this one seems to be real. As far as I can tell at this point....

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