Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Wind....

The North wind is blowing again today. And yes, there are still a lot of fires burning around the state this morning. A couple of the fires I wrote about yesterday have been contained or controlled. Which is good news. But with the wind blowing the way it is, I'm sure there will be more starting up.

The fires in Stockton, Sacramento and Lincoln aren't in the "active" list anywhere that I can find this morning, so they are in the clean up stage I'm guessing. (And hopefully they will stay that way!)

The fire near Palermo, named the Ophir Fire, is apparently 100% contained now, but the fire crews will be out there mopping up for a while longer. Especially since the wind is still blowing.

The Chico area fire is still very active today. It has been named the Humboldt Fire and from what it says in the last update on the CalFire incident list it's only about 10% contained. It's burned over 6,000 acres so far. I can still see smoke in the sky above me from this one.

The Indians Fire down near Fort Hunter Liggett is at 16% containment now with almost 17,000 acres burnt. Apparently this one is still pretty scary, especially since it's burning towards the Incident Command Post where they are making evacuation and protection plans this morning. The Incident Command Post is the main "fire camp" where they plan for the attack on the fire and where the firefighters can go to eat, rest and recharge before going back out on the fire lines. Unfortunately the news is reporting injuries to firefighters on this fire. Five firefighters were injured fighting the blaze Wednesday. One firefighter was hospitalized for serious burns on his hands. One firefighter suffered a leg injury, one suffered smoke inhalation and two sustained minor burns on their ears. The fire doubled in size yesterday.

The fire near Santa Cruz/Bonny Doon is named the Martin Fire is small in comparison to some of the others, but it's still moving. And it's only 5% contained this morning and is still threatening over 1,100 structures.

On another note, one of the local news stations, KCRA Channel 3 has an item about a stop sign in Stockton that was mispelled and they got a picture of it before the crews went back out to correct the mistake. "SOTP"? Ok... lol


Sprocket said...

Another fire season is upon us Anakerie. Stay safe.

Anakerie said...

Yep, Sprocket.. It's here and it's not looking good. You stay safe too!

Sprocket said...

Fortunately, I'm not currently close to any particular fire, but I know that can change in an instant.

You're putting up some excellent photos and coverage of the fires.

Great reporting, Anakerie; please stay safe! Don't get too close to get that photo exclusive!

Anakerie said...

No worries about me getting too close to one of the fires. I'm sticking pretty close to home. I know enough from my years as a firefighter's wife to keep my distance from the lines. I watch from a long distance. My big regret is that I didn't take my camera with me yesterday when we went to Redding. One of those "DOH!" moments, I guess.. lol..

I guess it's also those years as a firefighter's wife that makes me follow the news of the fires so closely. That and the fact that I have family members out there on the fire lines.