Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bad Words... Again!

A friend on Facebook messaged me and told me that she was reading the blog.. She asked why I had stopped posting and my answer was that life had sort of gotten in the way.  A poor excuse, I know, but that's all I've got right now.  I promised her that I would do some thinking and see what I could come up with to post about..

I'm still watching trials, but I'm trying not to get completely tied up with them, so at this point I'm only and observer of what is happening with a couple cases.  I'm not completely up to speed with the evidence for either one, so I don't feel qualified to post a lot about either case.. Or even some of the other ones I see in the newspapers around here. I'll keep the blog in my mind if I feel like ranting about any of the cases..

I'm not traveling as much nowadays, so there haven't been a lot of spiffy photos from places other than my own home.  But, my friend on Facebook told me to just post whatever about the area I live in. She's on the East coast and has never been to California, so she enjoys seeing the flora and fauna from here.  I might have to see what I can do about that.. Maybe I can enlist my 9 year old grandson in a photo project of some kind.. Or maybe I'll dig around in my photo files and see what kinds of things I've shot and think about what I could write about them..

Anyway, when I got on the blogger dashboard, I discovered a couple posts still in draft form. This one and another one that has the pictures missing. I'll have to do some snooping around on my computers to see if I can locate the missing pictures for the other one.  So, this one will get published.. Only 8 months after I started it...

Bad words and some groans?

I have a feeling the crane operator had a few bad words.. Or his boss did. I'm sure neither one of them said "oops!"..

Who do you think had the most bad words? The fellow we see talking on the phone?  Or maybe the person on the other side of that call...

Lets see... I think the guy in the cab of that pickup truck is praying that the trailer hitch holds until they get him back up on flat ground!  He'll have the bad words when he gets the repair bills..

Uhh.. Oops?  Wonder if his insurance went up.. lol

Ok, now... I don't know about you, but if I opened a bag of bread and saw this, I'd have a LOT to say.. Some of it might be "bad" if my grandson wasn't in the same room... I probably wouldn't be buying that brand of bread again!!  Ewwww!!!

Now this guy is probably holding his breath if he's watching that wheel fly away.. The bad words will come after he hits the ground, I'm sure...

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