Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still on the Road & Still Having Fun

2/18 ~ Lets see.  I’m in Riverside at my Aunt’s house.  My Aunt doesn’t have WiFi, so I fixed it.  Sort of.  I went to Walmart and bought a no-contract Broadband card and one of the cards for some time online.  At least I’ll be able to occasionally upload some blog posts while I’m here.  Now, where did I leave off in the last post? Oh yeah! In Palm Springs 2 days ago!

2/16 ~ Once the Holiday Inn moved us to a different room, we had a working WiFi connection and I was able to at least let the family know where we were and what we were up to.  DSC02695Only I didn’t tell everyone what we had planned.   Mom and I had decided that we both wanted to take a ride on the Palm Springs Tram.   The weather report for the day was kind of iffy.  They were expecting rain in the valley and snow on top of the mountain.  It was still nice when we set out towards the Tram station, though.  This picture shows our view back at the base station shortly after beginning our trip.  The gondolas on the tram rotate as you ride up the cable, so your view constantly changes.  DSC02697 Having the gondolas rotate made it a pleasant ride up the mountain because there was no jockeying for position as people looked for things to take pictures of.  We all got to take pictures of the station at the bottom and we all got to take pictures of the cables, the towers and the mountains..   And the view of the valley below.  It was absolutely spectacular.  DSC02700This picture of the valley was taken from the patio at the mountain station.  It was quite a bit colder at the top.  When we walked out onto that patio, I hit a patch of ice and skated for a few inches.  I moved over and followed Mom along the wall of the building where it was dry. 

3/16~ Wow.. It’s been a month since I wrote the beginning of this post. Sorry about that, folks!  Things got a bit hectic when we got back home and then I had my granddaughter come from Utah for a weeklong visit.  It was pretty busy while she was here.. Lots of activities and fun..  For now, I’m going to pass up posting pictures and stuff from the rest of the trip.  Just take my word for  it, Mom and I had a wonderful trip.  We saw lots of neat things, did a lot of fun things and had good visits with friends and family in Southern California. 
Now for a small “rant” aimed at a certain “anonymous” person who keeps posting comments that I will not allow to be published.  Stop.  Now.  I’m tired of reading your little rants/comments.  I will not publish them, nor will you miraculously change my opinion, so you might as well give up.

I do not hate anyone, Phil Spector included.  Keep up your garbage, and I might come close to “hating” you.  See, the thing is, “hate” is an emotion that you have to work at maintaining.  It's not a healthy emotion.  Plus, you also need to know the person you “hate”.  I don’t know Phil Spector, nor do I know his wife so I don't "hate" them.  Mr "Anonymous", I don’t even “hate” you for what you are doing.  But, today, you must be feeling very proud of yourself.  You managed to start a ruckus that got the Phil Spector Appeal thread closed for the night.  Wow.. What an accomplishment.  Hopefully no one got banned because of your “fun”.  Go ahead and keep posting links to my blog… I really don’t care.  The post you keep sending people to is almost 2 years old and has absolutely no relevance to what is going on today.  Ok.  /Rant off.


S.Pellegrino said...

It takes two (or in this instance, 4 or 5) to tango
You wrote: “You managed to start a ruckus that got the Phil Spector Appeal thread closed for the night. Wow.. What an accomplishment. Hopefully no one got banned because of your “fun”.”

I had a feeling that you would get around to suggesting that I caused the Phil Spector thread to be closed, which is of course as nonsensical as denying that your posts about Mr. and Mrs. Spector on your own blog were motivated by personal animus. (We all know, though, that posts about how people look have nothing to do with guilt or innocence, don’t we?)

You conveniently ignore the fact that you have continually contributed to the negative tone of the thread by serially posting snide comments that were patently calculated to inflame, not enlighten—including the false claim that I want Spector to go free and references to the personalities of posters and not the issues under discussion. And you have been doing it ever since I have been posting there.

You have not posted a SINGLE COMMENT concerning the merits of the appeal or that is otherwise on topic, and you have exclusively addressed your comments to personalities.

One final point.

You have posted about me on your blog, and had your little “LOL!”s at my expense with your little cabal from T&T. So don’t pretend that any comments I may have posted there or links I twice posted here were unprovoked or sailed out of the blue sky.

In my opinion, it is your hostility (and the hostility of other members) to the mere suggestion that Phil Spector did not receive a fair trial and might be entitled to a new one that has contributed to the angry tone of the Phil Spector thread. (Who posted the last comment just prior to the thread being closed, and whose comments were the others responding to? YOU, THAT’S WHO.)

You know, if you do not like reading my posts, you always have the option of placing me on your ignore list.

But I find your holier than thou attitude to be hypocritical in the extreme.

S.Pellegrino said...


Everything you post reflects on you no matter when it was posted.

Certainly you don't disagree with that?

Because if last year (in the case of posts about me) and two years ago (in the case of the Mr. and Mrs. Spector vs. Lana Clarkson photos) is anclient history, what about the 30 year old, 20 year old and 10 year old bad behavior that the prosecution dredged up to use against Phil Spector?

The things we write and post on the internet reflect who we are, and sorry by 2 years is not ancient history--although three decades and two decades ago certainly are.

S.Pellegrino said...

I see that Coldwater closed yet aonther thread--once again for sprited conversation that has zero to do with me.

And yet I suspect you are behind all of this, not individually of course, but as a free speach hating, Jr. High mean girl heart (I mean, who over the age 40 with an above average IQ has used the expression LOL in the last 15 years?)

Actions have consequences.Or as Einstein said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Although I might disagree with "equal", unless one figures in daily interest.

Liz said...

Always love your photos - sorry about the anonymous stalker - what else do you call someone who posts comments unrelated to the blog topic.

You rant whatever you like - tis your blog

Anakerie said...

Thanks Liz.. :-)

There will be more pictures coming soon.. Working on one with pictures of ostriches and camels.. lol...