Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the Road Again....

Greetings folks.. We're doing some more traveling this week and next... This time it's just my Mom and I and we're slowly driving down the coast towards San Diego in the next couple of days.  Today, our first view of the coast was Morro Bay.   Once we got our room and looked around for a restaurant that was recommended to us, we drove out the peninsula to Morro Rock.   The weather was perfect for wandering around looking at the scenery and watching the birds.  This fellow was on a rock right in front of where we parked and kept posing for us.   We just had to take a picture of him...

Here's a "close up" view of part of the rock.  We learned that Morro Rock was once a "plug" for a volcano that was active about 26 million years ago.  We also learned that there are several more "plugs" that we may be able to spot as we travel south from here.  As we wandered down the path, we kept looking up at the top of the rock hoping to spot one of the peregrine falcons that nest on the rock, but all we saw were the seagulls.. Lots of seagulls.  We wandered around admiring the view and watching a few boats coming into the harbor. 

After we wandered around on the South side of Morro Rock, we got back in the car and drove over to the big parking area on the North-East side of the rock to watch the waves come in..
There were quite a few surfers out catching waves and it was fun watching them.  We ended up getting back in the car to watch them though.  The whole parking lot was in the shade and with the wind blowing, it was a bit too chilly to watch the waves.  Especially since neither Mom nor I were wearing our jackets..  I did manage to catch a fairly decent shot of a couple of the surfers from the car..

We did have "company" as we sat in the car watching the surfers and the folks on the beach.  This young gull decided we were worth his attention.  He parked himself just below the driver's side window and peeped at me. Continuously.  He was sooo hoping I'd drop something to eat down on the ground for him.  It was tempting.  Until I looked around the parking area at the dozens and dozens of gulls that were looking for goodies and handouts.  I just took a few more pictures, then started the car up and headed out to get some dinner.  If any of you manage to get to Morro Bay, I recommend you look for a little restaurant called "The Whale's Tail".  They served us some excellent clam chowder and some delicious fish and chips.  After dinner, we headed back down to the marina so we could watch the sun set... And I'll leave you for tonight with one of the shots I got of the sun going down... And now I'm going to go kick back on the bed and veg...  G'nite all!

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