Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the Start of a New Month

And I'm sitting here remembering last June... The beginning of June a year ago, I was traveling with my Mom and Stepdad. Later in June last year, California started burning. We had over 2,000 wild fires burning all over the state and the air became so smoky it was clearly visible in satellite photos. I hope we don't have a repeat of last year, although some travels again would be nice.. lol...

I'm mainly posting today because I've been having some problems with the blog. The previous post about Phil Spector keeps "hiding" from me. If I go straight to the main URL for the blog, that post is gone. But if I use the "Archive" link for 2009, the post is there.. Weird. I'm hoping that this post will show up on the main URL... If not, I get to hit the blogger help files for a while... UGH!!

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If this works, I'll see about working on some more posts.... (crossing my fingers!)

Well, it seems to have worked... Finally... I can actually see the "missing posts" now when I go to the main URL... Don't know how it fixed itself! It only took an hour of rummaging around in the blogspot help forums and I never found anything.. Was getting ready to post and thought I'd check again.. It was fixed! LOL

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shari said...

lol, Since I am a total geek novice at website design or workings, I think you have done a great job. I JUST read and enjoy! haha Glad you fixed, or figured out what the problem was. I love reading You, Mother Clucker, Sprocket, Ketchup Soup ( now Dixie Dirt) and MControl. Thank God for you tech savy people.